Important Information About 'Holds'

What is a hold?

A hold is an administrative action placed on your student record preventing you from receiving transcripts, registering for or dropping classes, or receiving grades.

The hold is the result of a financial, academic, or administrative obligation to the university and will remain in place until the obligation is met. Holds will be released once restitution or compliance has been met. Check MyBHSU to see if you have holds that will prevent registration.

How would I know if I had a hold?

Login to MyBHSU, and select 'Student', then click 'Student Accounts Menu'. Click on the 'Student' Tab, and then select 'My Academic Information'. In the black bar below your name and ID number you will find 'Registraton Notices' and 'Holds'.

I have a hold, what can I do to get it removed?

Below are some common holds you may see, and information about how to resolve them.

Accounts Receivable or Non-Sufficient Funds:

Contact if you have a monetary hold on your account.


To promote student success, BHSU requires you to meet with your academic advisor. Contact your advisor as posted in MyBHSU. On the side menu, then under Student Accounts heading, click Student Accounts Menu. Click on the Student tab at the top, then click Student Profile. Your advisor's information will be listed there.  If you do not have an advisor, please email


Contact for assistance.

High School Dual Credit:

High school students participating in the dual credit program are required to register with our dual credit coordinator. Contact or call 605.642.6214 for assistance.

Incomplete UG Admissions File:

If there are incomplete admissions requirements, contact or call 605.642.6742. The Admissions Office is located on the first floor of Woodburn Hall.

International Students: 

Our international students are required to register through the Office for Global Engagement, located on the first floor of Woodburn Hall. Contact for assistance.

Transcipt Hold - Conversion:

This hold does not impact registration, but we should still review it. Please email We need to compare your transcript in the new Banner system to the transcript in the old Colleague system. After the comparison we will remove this hold.