Speaker Series

BHSU-RC 2019 Speaker Series

Mondays in Room 112 at 6:00 pm.

Monday, Jan. 28 | Trauma Informed Care: What research says about trauma in school settings  
Tracy Palacek - CSS Prosperity Initiative Director

How early trauma impacts the developing brain and can impact an adult as they attempt to navigate educational systems.  We will look at how schools are developing interventions that are Trauma Informed and help students reach their goals.

Monday, Feb. 11 | The Open Classroom or the Hybrid Hybrid
Dr. Gerald McGraw - Assistant Professor

The presentation will cover the definitions of "hybrid," "online," and "face-to-face" classrooms and how multimodality supports the "open classroom." The characteristics and benefits of the open classroom will be highlighted. 

Monday, Feb. 25 | Current Trends in the Online Exploitation of Children
Hollie Strand - Forensic Examiner

Attendees will learn about the current trends with internet crimes against children, teens, and young adults. Attendees will also be give resources for keeping themselves and their family safer online. 

Monday, Mar. 11 | Sex and the Media: An Evaluation of Modern Pop Culture and Sexual Health
William Cockrell - Instructor of Behavioral Sciences

"One common approach in American popular culture is to frame media as a “social problem” in reference to human sexuality.  What does empirical research actually suggest about the relationship between media exposure and sexual behavior?  The lecture will present current research that addresses human sexuality topics such as: sexual education of adolescents, common themes of sexuality in the media, negative effects of sexually themed media, and positive outcomes of sexually themed media".

Monday, Mar. 18 | The Value of Assistance Dogs and their Different Roles
Carol Salveson and Becky Flanagan

Carol Salveson & Becky Flanagan train PTSD Service Dogs.  We will discuss how and why we do this and provide a live demonstration with our service dogs in training. We'll discuss the difference between service dogs, assistance dogs, and emotional support animals. We will also discuss the general rules of the ADA regarding dogs as well as some of the research that shows the benefit of assistance animals.

Monday, Mar. 25 | Poverty and Food Insecurity
Dr. Lesleigh Owen, Lecturer of Sociology

How do we define poverty in the U.S.? Which groups are disproportionately impoverished? What is food insecurity, and who in our community and in the U.S. experience it? Join Lesleigh Owen as she explores these questions and more about poverty and hunger.

Monday, Apr. 1 | Why we need Science Fiction
Dr. Jeff Wehrung, Chair and Associate Professor in the School of Business

Science fiction provides a unique opportunity for us to debate difficult to discuss subjects within a more psychologically safe context. Psychological distancing relates to how  we think about a topic in terms of social (self vs other), temporal (now vs past/future), spatial (close vs far away), and experiential (real vs imaginary) characteristics. The greater the psychological distance, the more logically  we are capable of reflecting on and discussing an issue.  Science fiction provides an opportunity to maximize psychological distancing; showing people very different from ourselves, living in a different time and place, as they experience imaginary and often fanciful dilemmas. Yet while the exact situations are imaginary, and thus easier to discuss, the root lessons may be just as valuable and important.   

Monday, Apr. 9 | Sex Trafficking in the Midwest
Kelly Patterson - Speaker, Author, Consultant, & Survivor Leader

While shame and pain kept her quiet for years, Kelly’s journey of healing and freedom from sexual exploitation are giving her a loud voice today. Believing that unity is key, she enjoys collaborating with others to wage war against sex slavery.

Having survived the unsurvivable, her skills come forth in maneuvering the difficult arena of a very painful subject matter. It is Kelly’s belief that facing the truth with peace is not only possible but is something she has experiential knowledge of. Her courage to walk into a crowd and discuss the controversial is a communication gift that she excels in.

Her tenacity to see others freed keeps her pushing through the most difficult of obstacles, a skill learned through climbing her way up and out of sex slavery. Kelly has travelled to hostile and distant areas to carry her message of freedom.

Kelly Patterson desires to be an aid in freeing those wounded from the effects of sexual abuse, sexual assault, and sex trafficking. Coming from the perspective of one who has walked the long road out, Kelly has a dynamic style and ability to relate to her audience. As a speaker, she is engaging and unafraid to tell it like it is. Withholding the hard truths is not a road she has chosen to take.

Her artwork and writing skills reflect her passion to reach out to other survivors, lend understanding to their family and friends, and light a fire in others to help in the fight against sex trafficking in all its forms.

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