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This handbook provides employees with an overview of pertinent South Dakota Board of Regents and Black Hills State University policies, procedures, and benefits. We believe that understanding the University is an important step in developing and maintaining a productive working relationship. This document is not a contract of employment and supersedes all previous editions. Either an employee or the University can terminate the employment relationship at any time with or without cause or notice. The University reserves the right to modify, add, delete, revise or terminate any University policy, procedure, benefit, or any information contained in this handbook at any time.

A current copy of the handbook will be maintained at www.bhsu.edu/hr. As policies, procedures, and benefits change, employees will typically be notified by email.

Supervisors are available to offer guidance and assistance, as well as to encourage an employee's career growth and development. It is important to maintain open communication between employees and supervisors. If the employee has concerns/suggestions about his/her work or any University policy, the employee is encouraged to discuss them with his/her supervisor initially. The employee's supervisor is not authorized to modify or amend a policy, procedure, or benefit, nor is his/her interpretation final and binding. If an employee has questions after speaking with his/her supervisor, please contact the Human Resources Department for more information.

The Human Resources Department will provide the employee with current information on policies, procedures, benefits, and employment opportunities. Representatives are also available to discuss any issues or concerns that may arise during an employee's employment.

The Human Resources Department (Civil Service and non-faculty exempt employees) and the Academic Affairs Offices (faculty employees) maintain the employee's official personnel file. Please notify the Human Resources Department of any changes that would affect personal or benefit records such as a name change, marital status, number of dependents, home address, home telephone number, etc.

This handbook is not meant to be a complete description of BHSU's policies, procedures, and benefits, but is intended only as a guide.

If there is any conflict between the information contained in this handbook and the University's policies, procedures, or any benefit plan documents, the University policies, procedures, and the benefit plan documents will prevail.