What We Do

  • Strong emphasis on mentoring undergraduate research - Ample research opportunities exist for motivated undergraduate students interested in developing laboratory skills and gaining laboratory experience that will make them more competitive when applying for graduate programs, or for employment with research agencies both public and private. 

  • Strong emphasis on mentoring graduate students enrolled in the Master of Science Program in Integrative Genomics. All of the faculty associated with CCBR have been approved as graduate faculty members and are actively involved in mentoring graduate student research and teaching graduate-level courses. 

  • Community outreach -- CCBR provides various educational and informational workshops and events that promote an understanding of the practical applications of conservation biology and genomics research.

  • Application of modern scientific technology to basic and applied scientific research on species of ecological and/or economic importance to South Dakota and the Great Plains region. 

  • Development and maintenance of collaborative research efforts with state and regional agencies.

  • Development of partnerships with research collaborators at other academic institutions in order to strengthen the research of others, as well as to utilize the expertise of other faculty to strengthen the research interests of CCBR.

  • Promotion of technology transfer from academia to commercial ventures. 

Contact Info

Director of CCBR
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Phone: 605-642-6854

Black Hills State University
1200 University St.
Spearfish, SD, USA 57799