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Congratulations on your acceptance and decision to attend BHSU.

Hello and welcome to Black Hills State University! We are excited that you chose BHSU. Black Hills State University celebrates over 125 years of challenging classes, personable professors, and exciting memories. To ensure the process is smooth for you, our new student, we invite you to take a look at the information below. It is our goal that you feel comfortable and are prepared for your first year at BHSU. You can now call yourself a Yellow Jacket for life.


Activate Your Student "Yellow Jackets" Email

Through your student email account you will receive notifications regarding financial aid, billing, payment methods, and much more.

Get started.Activate your student email at https://account.bhsu.edu/private/login

    • Click "Accept" to the SD Board of Regents Use Policy
    • Select "Student Account" and enter your information
    • Click "Submit"

Get started.Set up your security questions at https://account.bhsu.edu

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Set Up Your Banner Self-Service Portal Account 

Banner Self-Service is used to register for classes, view your financial aid and pay your tuition. http://www.bhsu.edu/banner


Immunization Requirements

It is required of all accepted students to document their immune status for measles and rubella. Proof of two MMR (Measles, Mumps, and Rubella) immunizations OR of the presence of an immune antibody titer against measles is required. Make sure to fill and out return the immunization form to Student Health Services.


Housing Information 

Once you have been accepted to Black Hills State University, you will receive a housing contract in the mail within two weeks of your acceptance letter.  Per the South Dakota Board of Regents Policy 3:6, students must live on campus within the two years following high school graduation.  If you wish to appeal this policy, you must complete the Housing Contract Exemption Form and return it to Residence Life. Room assignments are made for those students who have SIGNED the housing contract and PAID the required $100 deposit, in the order in which they are returned to the Residence Life office.  Requests to live with a particular person will depend on available space and if the person you requested returned their contract and deposit around the same time as you did. Fall room assignments will be given to you during your summer New Student Registration (NSR) session.

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Evaluation of Transfer Credit -- *Only for Transfer Students

Upon receipt of your official transcript, the Registrar’s Office will evaluate your transferable credits and will prepare a status sheet based upon degree information listed on your application.

To expedite this process:
If you want to know what credits will transfer before the application process starts, you may request a credit evaluation.
To Request a Credit Evaluation:
Simply have a copy (official or unofficial) of all post-secondary transcripts sent to the Admissions Office. Please call the Admissions Office at 605.642.6343 for the evaluation of credits. 

Admissions Office
Black Hills State University
1200 University ST. Unit 9502
Spearfish, SD 57799


Register for Classes - New Student Registration

NSR is a required program intended to provide you with the best opportunities in your first year at BHSU.  You will be able to register for classes, meet professors, establish relationships with current students, and begin the transformation to college! Sign up to attend New Student Registration.


Registration Confirmation

To ensure your classes are not cancelled, you will need to confirm your registration, approximately mid-August, through Banner Self-Service.  You will receive an e-mail in your BHSU e-mail account with more information on how to complete your registration.

Buzz Bonus
New freshman in the top 1/3 of their graduating class who earn at least a 21 ACT score are guaranteed the Buzz Bonus Scholarship.  The Buzz Bonus is worth up to $4,000 over four years.  No scholarship application is required as it is automatically awarded upon admission to BHSU. If you receive a Buzz Bonus scholarship offer, return the acceptance form as soon as possible to the Office of Admissions.

Black Hills State University has an outstanding scholarship program that has been established by friends, alumni, faculty, staff and students. Scholarships are based on student achievements and may vary from a one semester to a four-year award. Whatever the amount, scholarships play an important role in assisting students with their educational costs. Almost all Black Hills State University scholarships are awarded based off of the general scholarship form, which can be completed online.  Make sure to check out the outside scholarships available as well.

Placement Information
All entering students must provide valid ACT scores (within the last five years) or must take the COMPASS examination in the areas of writing skills, mathematics, and reading to show evidence of their level of academic preparation prior to their enrollment into their initial mathematics, English, and reading courses. Pre-general education courses include ENGL 031, ENGL 033, MATH 021, MATH 101, and READ 041.
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Get all your Questions Answered
It is important that before starting classes, your questions concerning Tuition & Fees, Financial Aid, Textbooks, Parking Permits, and Meal Plans are answered.

Green & Gold Days
You've registered for classes and met with BHSU advisors, faculty & staff.  Now it's time to start your college experience! We understand that starting college is both an exciting and challenging experience, so we strive to make you feel comfortable during your first few days on campus.  Green & Gold Days is a program for new freshman students dedicated to helping you move into your residence halls, become accustomed to campus life, obtain vital information you will use to succeed at BHSU, and meet life-long friends.

Connect With Us
Get updates on what is happening on campus, meet your new classmates, view pictures and videos of campus events and activities, view and join discussions about topics concerning you, and learn more about what we are all about. BHSU on the Web