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Why Join the BHSU Honors Program?

Top Ten Reasons to Join the UHP at BH

1Grants access to the University Honors Center, which includes free printing, a spacious study room, and coffee

1Provides unique coursework that includes small, discussion-based classes

1Afford valuable mentor relationships with faculty

1Promotes a unique social setting with students from different majors and backgrounds

1Provides great resume and job application credentials

1Creates opportunities for involvement at BHSU and in the Spearfish community

1Prepares you for graduate school  and the professional arena no matter your discipline

1Affords the opportunity to do a capstone project of your own design

1Assists in the transition into college through an instant sense of community

1Allows for greater undergraduate research and creative scholarship opportunities

                                 --from the 2014-2015 University Honors cohort

"Overall, the program will truly transform your experience as a college student at Black Hills State University. The program will give you the support from faculty to be successful at BHSU and beyond. Being a part of the Honors Program will put you in a position to connect with other students, and to use those connections as networking opportunities in the future. It will provide you with an exceptional and challenging education that will make you stand out as an applicant in future job or graduate school applications. No other program puts the whole focus on the success, needs, and goals of the student like this one. This is why I highly recommend being a part of the amazing and important University Honors Program at BHSU."

                                 --Julie Gueswel, former Honors Club President, 2014 University Scholar Graduate

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