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Other Student Research:

  • Brandi Wood traveled in Hawaii with Dr. Steve Anderson to assess the distribution of pahoehoe lava flow surface morphology at Kilauea volcano, and used the results as the basis for comparison to similar flows on the Martian surface. Brandi coauthored a paper presented at the Lunar and Planetary Science conference and two others that were published in Earth and Planetary Science Letters. Brandi Wood was funded by a Nelson Scholarship. 

Faculty Research

Black Hills State University's Faculty is very active in research throughout the year. With their broad range of research interests, the faculty can assist and guide students in the development their own research. If a student is interested in doing research, they should contact one of the faculty members with the same interest to propose their plan.

  • David Bergmann: Bacterial oxidation of ammonia and methane, microbial ecology.
  • Holly Downing: Behavior, nest construction, and glandular development in social insects.
  • Audrey Gabel: Survey of Black Hills fungi; mycology
  • Mark L. Gabel: Flora of the Black Hills, systematics of Poaceae, Miocene flora of the Great Plains
  • Charles F. Lamb: Comparative vertebrate neuroanatomy and the ecology of aquatic insects.
  • Shane K. Sarver: Evolutionary genetics
  • David Siemens: Plant-insect interactions, plant ecology, ecological genetics, secondary plant metabolism
  • Brian E. Smith: Conservation biology and herpetology.
  • Tamara Lawson: Growth and development of insects.

Here at Black Hills State University we are actively engaged in research throughout the year. If you are interested in doing research contact one of the faculty members with the same interest to propose your plan.

Posted Research Projects: