Applied Health Sciences

The associate degree in Applied Health Sciences is the perfect fit for students working toward careers in healthcare including registered nurses, medical technologists, and other high demand health professionals.

BHSU has a long history of preparing students for admission into nursing programs.The associate degree in Applied Health Sciences offers students all the general education and core classes required for admission into nursing programs at South Dakota State University and The University of South Dakota,as well as for other bachelor degree-level healthcare programs.

The entire program is available on campus as well as the University Center - Rapid City. Graduates with the two-year associate degree may also choose to continue at BHSU and complete a bachelor’s degree program in biology or other related field.


Required Core

  • 3 BIOL 121 Basic Anatomy & 121L Lab
  • 3 BIOL 123 Basic Physiology & 123L Lab
  • 3 BIOL 231 General Microbiology & 231L Lab
  • 3 CHEM 106 Chemistry Survey I & 106L Lab
  • 3 CHEM 107 Organic and Biochemistry Survey & 107L Lab
  • 3 HLTH 315 Human Nutrition
  • 3 PSYC 221 Lifespan Development

Gen Ed Requirements

  • 3 ENGL 101 Composition I
  • 3 ENGL 201 Composition II
  • 3 MATH 102 College Algebra
  • 3 SPCM 101 Fundamentals of Speech
  • 6 Gen Ed - Social Science
  • 6 Gen Ed - Arts & Humanities
  • For Social Science, students should take PSYC 101 and either SOC 100 or SOC 150.
  • For Arts & Humanities, students should take ENGL 210 and PHIL 220.

Elective are required to total 60 credits

We are updating the 2-year plan for our Associates's degree in Applied Health Sciences. To set up your individual 2-year plan, please meet with your advisor or contact Dana Weber at Dana.Weber@bhsu.edu or (605) 642-6277.