A degree in Natural Sciences opens the door to careers in health care, education, and many other professional opportunities. World renowned faculty members are here to help you discover your career path. Participate in research that will boost your future resume.

BHSU is big enough to offer unique opportunities for students to pursue their goals along their personal journey towards success, but small enough to allow students to develop valuable personal relationships with faculty and staff.

Help shape our understanding of the universe working side-by-side with the world's top scientists while preparing yourself for the jobs of the future.

LEARN SCIENCE in a student-centered learning environment with course instruction and labs taught by full-time faculty.

DO SCIENCE through the program's strong commitment to undergraduate research and internships that are an integral part of the curriculum.

DEVELOP NEW SCIENCE with cutting-edge instrumentation in one-of-a-kind laboratories on the Spearfish campus and 4,850 feet below the surface of the Earth in the BHSU Underground Campus.

JOIN EXCITING PAID SUMMER PROGRAMS including those offered by National Labs, the National Science Foundation (NSF), the South Dakota Biomedical Research Infrastructure Network (BRIN), and the Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU).


Kathryn Johnson Life Sciences Laboratory Naming Transcript
Madison Jilek
Having great science facilities attracts a lot of science students, and there's a lot of opportunities at BHSU and those are available to everyone.
Thomas Trimble
Renaming the Life Sciences Building will point towards- to somebody who is both benefited and given back to BH as they've become successful.
Dr. Kathryn Johnson
There's been tremendous advances in chemistry and molecular biology. There's also been, you know, the physics, computer science, and a lot of it happens in labs. And without laboratories where you can do experiments at the cutting-edge level, students can understand a lot better if they have those kind of facilities.
Thomas Trimble
BH is kind of an emerging sciences college. I think that what we're doing as a school right now to promote academic sciences, I think that's really good.
Madison Jilek
With the, not only financial support of scholarships, but also the freedom that the scholarships give you, you're able to grasp on to a lot more of those opportunities than you'd be able to otherwise. It's really great if you can fund more science students because I don't think I could have gotten more or better opportunities at any other school than I did at BH.
Thomas Trimble
I think the scholarships especially kind of bring a lot of weight off the shoulders. You know, any new scholarship in science is going to help somebody.
Dr. Kathryn Johnson
The other thing I'd say about the science at Black Hills State, I think that there's a lot of students now that are interested in science.
Thomas Trimble
I feel pretty lucky having the opportunities that I have and getting to do the things that I did here.



Biology | Biology Education

The biology program at BHSU is designed to give you a broad background and hands-on training in biology with cutting-edge laboratory facilities. This program prepares you through a rigorous curriculum for advanced study in graduate or professional programs, or for a career in science or science education.


Chemistry | Chemistry Education

Hold the keys to understanding the world at its most principal scale with a degree in Chemistry. Study matter at the molecular level gain a comprehensive understanding of General, Organic, Analytic, and Instrument Chemistry and Biochemistry.


Environmental Physical Science

Major in Environmental Physical Science deals with the identification, study, and treatment of a variety of environmental problems including ground and surface water quality and management, waste treatment, land-use planning, soil testing, contaminant chemistry and monitoring, hazardous waste disposal, land reclamation, and energy management and production.



The Physics program at BHSU prepares you through an action-based and discussion-oriented teaching approach based on recent advances in physics education research.


Pre-Professional Programs

Getting accepted into a professional degree program requires academic rigor and quality instruction. BHSU will help you as you begin your journey to your professional career. With innovative research based education experiences and close faculty mentoring, BHSU students are well-equipped to go on to professional programs.


Master Of Science In Integrative Genomics (MISG)

Integrative Genomics is an interdisciplinary graduate program that combines genomics, ecology, evolution, and physiology to better understand the evolutionary forces that have shaped the mechanisms that are important to species interactions in the wild. Gain the necessary skills and concepts to work cooperatively with others in a research area that takes a systems-wide approach and incorporates an organism’s history and natural environment to understand the organization and expression of its many genes.

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