Masters Degree in Integrative Genomics


Integrative Genomics Graduate Program

Integrative Genomics is an interdisciplinary graduate program that combines genomics, ecology, evolution, and physiology to better understand the evolutionary forces that have shaped the mechanisms that are important to species interactions in the wild. The program is designed to provide those seeking a Masters degree the necessary skills and concepts to work cooperatively with others in a research area that takes a systems-wide approach and incorporates an organism’s history and natural environment to understand the organization and expression of its many genes. Exposure to modern techniques and instrumentation in the laboratory and field prepares students for success in both academic and other biotechnology-related pursuits.

  • The program has two tracks:
    • Thesis track requires at least one satisfactory and relevant manuscript from original research for publication in a peer-reviewed journal.
    • Non-thesis track substitutes an internship with a relevant biotech company or the equivalent (e.g., Environmental Protection Agency laboratory) and one course in business marketing and management.
  • All students enrolled in the program take 12 credits from the core curriculum, and at least 8 credits from the list of electives.
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  • Integrative Genomics Program Application Requirements can be found here.



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