What to Expect?

You will be equipped with skills, knowledge, and resources that enable you to effectively assist diverse groups of individuals, with varieties of needs.  If providing direct support is your forte, as a graduate you will be qualified to enter careers dedicated to meeting needs of children, persons with mental illness, elderly populations, persons with disabilities, low-income persons, homeless families and individuals, victims of violence or abuse/neglect, and persons in recovery.  Work directly with people and the community as well as in planning and management.

The human services major currently has three different career tracks:

  • Law Enforcement / Probation,
  • Community Service
  • Gerontology 

This program creates a good foundation for entry into graduate programs in Social Work, Criminology, and Vocational Rehabilitation.  Numerous graduates have also discovered their niches as case managers, advocates, and crisis intervention professionals.  After acquiring more experience, many others have found fulfillment as supervisors, managers, and directors of public and private agencies.  Human services professionals are gainfully employed in research and public policy positions as well. By helping others transform their lives you may very well transform your own.

Graduate Opportunities
Black Hills State University also prepares its majors for graduate programs in social work and counseling. Millions of people in society continue to seek various supports. Our growing population of retired citizens has led to numerous new career opportunities in elderly care. Awareness of the benefits of prevention has opened career pathways in childhood development, youth work, and crisis intervention. As we continue addressing the social problems of mental illness, substance abuse, and domestic violence, the need for dedicated professionals remains strong.

Professional Organizations
Stay connected in the realm of Human Services by joining a professional organization.

Contact Info

Dr. Trenton Ellis
Assistant Professor, Human Services and Sociology
Jonas Skywalk 207 Map
Phone: 605-642-1283

Black Hills State University
1200 University St.
Spearfish, SD, USA 57799

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