Exercise Science

There are many options that await students that complete the Exercise Science program. Careers in the field of exercise science can vary greatly depending on the student's focus. Common career outcomes include physical therapy, occupational therapy, athletic coaching, personal training, entrepreneurship, and medical-related fields. Many students also choose to attend graduate/professional school to further their education. For more information, visit the Exercise Science careers page.

Human Services

Human Services majors can look forward to challenging and rewarding careers. Many students will go on to work in social work, case management, law enforcement, counseling, and community services. Students who graduate in this major may also choose to explore graduate school upon graduation. For more information, please visit the Human Services careers page.

Outdoor Education

The Outdoor Education program prepares graduates to enter a wide variety of fields. Students often pursue a career as a park ranger, program coordinator, naturalist, educator, and youth adventure program coordinator. Given the diversity of the Outdoor Education field, career outcomes vary greatly.


Psychology prepares graduates for positions both directly and indirectly related to the field. Graduates often begin careers as mental health counselors, substance abuse counselors, social workers, case managers, law enforcement, and human resources specialists. Many careers, such as counseling, post-secondary education, and clinical psychology, will require a student to attend graduate school. To find out more information, please visit the Psychology careers page.


Sociology students often explore careers in a diverse number of fields, which can include criminal justice, government agencies, education, advocacy, social work, and counseling. Graduate school is often an option or requirement for many careers in this field. For more information, please visit the Sociology careers page.

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