About the Music Program at BHSU


Missions & Goals

The mission of the Music Program at Black Hills State University is to provide a comprehensive, practical, and current program of study in the area of music as well to give students a variety of opportunities to study music within the context of a broad liberal education.

The goal of the Music Program of Black Hills State University is to provide students with opportunities for aesthetic development in the areas of musical perception, knowledge, and performance. It is the philosophy of this music program that music is a shared human experience, and a cooperative educational environment is essential to the growth of overall musical sensitivity. Thus, music students and faculty seek to enhance their musical understanding together, through group performances and learning experiences as well as through the individual study necessary for the refinement of personal artistry and creative expression.

BHSU is fully accredited by the National Association of Schools of Music.

The objectives of the music program are as follows:

  1. Acquire a functional knowledge of the language and grammar of music;
  2. Expand knowledge of traditional and contemporary musical styles through listening experiences and performance activities (ensemble and individual
  3. Develop the ability to identify aurally and visually the elements of music (rhythm, melody, harmony, tone color, dynamics, texture, form).
  4. Develop the following competencies in at least one major area of musical concentration (instrument or voice):
    1. technical skills adequate to meet the needs of artistic self-expression
    2. the ability to read at sight
    3. participation in large and small ensemble performance
    4. solo performance of a wide variety of musical styles
    5. improvisational and compositional skills of a type and level appropriate to
    6. the area of concentration
  5. Acquire a level of functional keyboard skills appropriate to the area of concentration;
  6. Acquire conducting and rehearsal skills adequate to demonstrate the understanding of musical interpretation in the context of group performance;
  7. Develop the ability to place compositions in historical and stylistic perspective;
  8. Develop maturity in musical discrimination, evaluation, and criticism;
  9. Develop a knowledge of K-12 vocal and instrumental teaching methodologies and materials, as well as the role of music education in our society.

The Clare & Josef Meier Hall

Clare & Josef Meier Hall

The BHSU music program is proud to be housed in one of the finest music performance and education facilities in the region, Clare and Josef Meier Hall. Completed in September 2003, it is a beautiful and impressive 3-story building. All music rooms in the building were designed to maximize student music learning.

The first floor of the building includes a 260-seat recital hall, 15 soundproof student practice rooms with windows, an acoustically designed band room and choir room, several large teaching studios, a special elementary music classroom, and lockers exclusively for music student use. Meier Hall’s ample private practice space alleviates the “practice room crunch” that plagues many universities, allowing you to practice at times that fit into your schedule. The second floor of the building has a classroom designated for music, a large keyboard and computer room, a recording studio, a video/recording library, and a large study area with comfortable chairs and a large window.

Performance in Meier Recital HallWithin Meier Hall are eighteen upright pianos for classroom, studio, and practice room use, and two new Yamaha grand pianos in the Recital Hall. There are also band instruments for student use. All classrooms are equipped with a computer with internet access; stereo systems; DVD and VCR players; a video projector; a document projector; a large screen; and a white board. The building is open Monday-Friday from 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. Students who are enrolled in music classes and all faculty have a special card that provides access to the building on evenings and weekends.

When it comes to performing, Meier Hall shines as one of the most elegant performance venues in the region. The Meier Recital Hall hosts all music program recitals and performances, giving you a chance to perform in a cutting edge performance hall on a regular basis, without ever leaving campus. With performance experience as a must for any music major, Meier Hall is a great place to hone your skills on a stage that rivals any professional hall. Contact us to tour the facilities and start your journey to a music degree at BHSU today. 1.800.ALL.BHSU.