Institutional Research

The office of Institutional Research within Academic Affairs unit uses internal and external data sources to provide accurate, appropriate, and timely information intended to help BHSU fulfill its vision of being recognized as a high quality, innovative university in the state, Greater Black Hills region, nation, and the world. The office provides data to fulfill mandatory state and federal reporting requirements. All these activities are designed to ensure that the office provides consistent, complete, and accurate data to BHSU constituents. Please note that there may be restrictions on availability and access given the proprietary nature of the data.

The office generates an annual BHSU Factbook, provides data support for program reviews, and conducts ad hoc analyses enabling data-driven decision-making. Examples of data provided and analyses performed include:

•    Census report
•    Changes in course-taking patterns
•    Demographic analyses
•    Enrollment headcounts by major and minor areas of study
•    Graduation and retention studies
•    IPEDS reporting (National Center for Education Statistics, US Department of Education)
•    Matriculation report
•    Online IDEA student ratings of instruction
•    Registration report

Peer Institutions
Students' Right-to-Know Data
IPEDS Institutional Data
University Quick Facts

BHSU Quick Facts Sheet

General Information


  • Headcount
  • Enrollment by Major
  • Enrollment Graduate
  • Demographic Summary
  • Credit Hours
  • Enrollment Breakdown

Degrees Offered & Completed

Faculty & Staff


  • Campus Facilities
  • Classroom Statistics
  • Campus Statistics

Other Sources of Institutional Data

For more information, contact Rich Loose, Director of Institutional Research, Woodburn Hall 218, (605) 642-6355


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