BHSU Parking - Vehicle Registration


Vehicle Registration

 Who must register and purchase a parking permit?

  • Any motorized vehicle, excluding those powered by muscle, that are utilizing University roads and/or parking are required to be registered.  Visitors may use University roadways and parking facilities for the purpose of attending functions.  For any other purpose a vehicle must receive written permission.
  • All students, faculty, staff, administrative, Board of Regents and contracted service employees who work and maintain a headquarters on the campus and who park a vehicle in areas under the control of the university must purchase a permit, hang it on the rearview mirror, or place it in the lower left side of the windshield.
  • Vehicle parking permits must be purchased each academic school year. 
  • Bicycles and mopeds do not have to be registered.

How do I register and purchase a parking permit?

  • Parking permits may be purchased online by using the link at the bottom of this page.  
  • If an individual's classification changes, the old vehicle parking permit must be turned in and exchanged for an appropriate new parking permit.

How much does it cost to purchase a parking permit?

  • $89.00 for ALL parking lots for the entire year (2016-2017 academic year) 
  • Lost or stolen permits will cost $89.00 for 2016-2017 or as appropriate to replace.
  • A damaged or mutilated permit will be replaced free of charge.

Purchase your Parking Permits online at the BHSU eMarketplace.

To pay your Parking Fine please stop by the office in Woodburn 126.


Types of Vehicle Permits To Be Issued

  • A - issued to all faculty and employees.  Vehicles displaying an A(Faculty) permit may park in the Faculty/Staff, Jonas, Young Center, and all perimeter lots.
  • B - issued to students who do not reside in on-campus University housing. Vehicles displaying a B (Commuter) permit may park in the commuter area, Jonas, Young Center, and perimeter lots.
  • C - issued to students who reside in Humbert Hall.  Vehicles displaying a C (Humbert) permit may be parked in Humbert lot, University Street parking areas Jonas, Young Center and perimeter lots.
  • M - issued to all persons who operate a motorcycle.  Vehicles displaying an M (Motorcycle) permit may park in the Resident lots if a resident, Commuter lots if a commuter, and Faculty lots if faculty and/or employee, and all perimeter lots.
  • R - issued to students who reside in the apartment complex at the north side of the campus.  Vehicles displaying an R (apartment) permit may park in the Apartment lots, Jonas and Young Center lots.
  • T - issued to students who reside in Thomas, Heidepriem, and Crow Peak Halls.  Vehicles displaying a T (Thomas/Heidipriem/Crow Peak) permit may park in Thomas, Heidepriem, Crow Peak, Jonas, Young Center and perimeter lots.
  • W - issued to students who reside in Wenona Cook Hall.  Vehicles displaying a W (Wenona Cook) permit  park in the Young Center, Jonas parking lot and in the perimeter lots.
  • YC - issued to all persons who purchase a membership at the Donald E. Young Sports and Fitness Center with the exception of BHSU faculty, staff and students.  Vehicles displaying a YC (Sports Center) permit may park in the Young Center lot ONLY.  These permits are valid for two years: August 31, 2014 to August 31, 2016.
    • Additional permits may be purchased at full or appropriate price. 

Guest (Visitor) and Temporary Permits

  • Guest and Temporary permits are issued without charge by Public Safety office located in the Student Success Center of Woodburn Hall.
  • Vehicles bearing a Guest permit may park in any legal parking area not marked reserved.  Guest permits may not be issued for periods longer than 5 days, and are valid for date(s) indicated only.  Guest permits must be completely filled out to be valid.
  • Temporary permits are to be hung from the inside rearview mirror, printed side facing out. Or displayed in the lower left corner of the windshield or on the dash with the information facing outward.
  • Temporary Handicapped permits are issued upon demonstration of need and medical statement for a period of up to 30 days.  If additional time is needed the permit may be renewed.  Vehicles displaying a Handicapped Permit may park in any legal parking areas A, B, C, R, T, W, and YC or H spaces.

Enforced Parking Areas

  • The following parking areas are enforced 24 hours a day.
    • A (Faculty/Staff)
    • B (Commuter)
    • C (Humbert)
    • T (Thomas/Heidepriem/Crow Peak)
    • W (Wenona Cook)
    • R (Apartments)
    • YC (Young Center)
  • All Handicapped, fire lanes, and fire hydrants are enforced 24 hours a day.



  • University speed limit is 15 MPH.
  • Pedestrians shall at all times have the right of way.
  • Skateboard, bikes, rollerblades may NOT be used on the outdoor track,  or in University own facilities. Stunts on university property are not allowed.
  • You may park mopeds on the bike racks. Mopeds may NOT be driven on Sidewalks.


  • Parking privileges on University property will be revoked if falsification and misrepresentation of information in registering for a permit or appealing a violation are practiced.
  • Any person who obtains another persons permit by theft, copies, alters, or attempts to obtain another persons permit by theft, copies or alters a vehicle parking permit with intent to defraud shall be assessed a fine of $100, be subject to revocation of parking privileges on all University property and subject to University disciplinary action.
  • Any person who has registered with the parking office and purchased a parking permit shall not resell or give that permit to another person.  That permit will be considered invalid. Any violation fines while the permit is in the possession of any person other than the registered permit owner, will be the responsibility of the registered owner.