Parents Guide

Congratulations! You and/or your child has taken an important step in their educational journey. Studying abroad is a fantastic experience geared to allow students to engage with the larger world. Both the BHSU mission and the South Dakota Board of Regent’s understand the importance of interacting with our global society and have articulated that presence through organizational mission statements.

Studying abroad is exciting but preparing to go can be filled with lots of details. Therefore, the international office is here to guide you and the student through the experience. We help the student learn locations, costs (if any), and how to plan their schedule as to not delay graduation.

It is important to remember these things:

Study abroad can be cheaper than studying at the home campus. Some programs even offer small stipends to the students!
Students can take classes and study in their major which helps them stay academically on track and not delay graduation.
Some financial aid and scholarships apply, therefore keeping costs low.
Students return home! (while it can be hard to let them travel, students often site study abroad as a highlight of their college career!)
Study abroad helps students get jobs. Employers today value employees that have multicultural experience and critical thinking/problem solving skills.