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Tuition assistance (TA) is funding paid by an outside source such as the military, federal or state veterans’ programs, the Department of Labor, the GI Bill, and the like.

Veterans applying for TA through the federal or state veterans’ assistance programs need to work with their VA offices. The VA office will then submit authorization to the student’s university. These authorizations must be on file with the university before tuition dollars can be applied.

BHSU active duty military students will submit a TA authorization form. TA forms are due by the first day of classes each semester.

The website to go to for processing a TA form and for questions is https://www.my.af.mil/afvecprod/.

It is the student’s responsibility to submit the TA form and to pay for all tuition and late fees until the TA form is turned in to the university.

Should the tuition assistance not cover all of the monies owed, the student’s portion of the tuition and fees can be paid online through Web Advisor ‐ SDePay with a credit card (2.75% fee will be assessed) bank debit card, or eCheck. Paper checks or exact cash payments can be presented to Kristy Engle at the BHSU-RC Administration office.

Information regarding the GI Bill can be found by going to the BHSU Veteran's Affairs page.

For questions regarding tuition assistance, please contact Financial Aid at 605.718.4073.