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Cat Engel 

Financial Aid Assistant

Alyssa Blake 

Financial Aid Advisor

Stephen Detlefs 

Financial Aid Advisor


Catelyn Engel Transcript
Catlyn Engel
Hello, I am Catlyn Engel. I am an assistant to the financial advisors. I'm the face that you see and probably the voice you hear over the phone. I do what I can to assist the students, and if I can't I forward you onto a financial aid advisor who can help you.
Alyssa Blake Transcript
Alyssa Blake
Hi, I'm Alyssa. I'm one of the new financial aid advisors for student financial services at Black Hills State University. You might see me most often when you come in for any assistance in the financial aid office. I run front of house operations, so my face might be the one that you see most often when you come in for assistance. I handle outside scholarships, federal work-study, I even kind of support students in appeal their satisfactory academic progress, or SAP, to make sure that they get their federal aid. Also, I act as the liaison between the financial aid office and BH athletics. My favorite part of my job is helping and educating students to make this crazy financial aid thing less overwhelming because it can be kind of a beast. So I look forward to helping you with any bumps in the road in the future.
Stephen Detlefs Transcript
Stephen Detlefs
Hello, I'm Stephen Detlefs, one of the new financial aid advisors here at Black Hills State University. I started here the start of fall, so late August. I process student loans. So if you've applied for federal financial aid, I'm the one who makes sure that it's put on your account and helps pay your bills. What I like most about what I do here is through what I do helping students see through their goals of their education, helping them see that those goals are attainable, helping them understand that things aren't just all on their own. So I invite you to email me, call me, stop by our office at 114 Woodburn with any questions you might have so that we can help you out.

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Student Financial Aid Office
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Phone: 605.642.6145

Black Hills State University
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