Geek Speak Lecture Series Returns to BHSU

Black Hills State University announced fall dates for its annual Geek Speak series, a collection of free lectures open to the public, presented by faculty and guest speakers. 

Geek Speak was founded in 2013 by Dr. Courtney Huse Wika, professor of English at BHSU, and is sponsored by the University Honors Program. 

Dr. Katrina Jensen, professor of chemistry at BHSU and director of the Honors Program, said “The Geek Speak series is such a fun opportunity for BHSU students and faculty to join with members of the community to hear about an interesting topic. I learn something new and interesting from every Geek Speak I attend.” 

This year’s series will present lectures on topics ranging from the history of chess to an in-depth look at the 14th amendment. Presentations take place on Mondays at 4 p.m. in Jonas 110. Some topics may not be suitable for all ages.  

A full list of upcoming Geek Speak sessions can be found at For more information, contact Dr. Katrina Jensen at 

Fall Semester Geek Speak Sessions 

  • Sept. 11: Karl Lehman: How About a Nice (terrifying, mind-blowing, portentous, entertaining, historic) game of Chess? - The changing face (and attitude) of Caissa in the Smartphone, Social-Media World 
  • Sept. 18: Karl Lehman: Chess, Part II: Generation Chess: How the Royal Game became Dank or The Blooming of Popular Chess Culture in the early 21st Century 
  • Oct. 16: Dr. Andrey Reznikov: The History of Writing: from Pictograms to Emoji 
  • Oct. 30:  Dr. Laura Colmenero-Chilberg: Madness in Popular Culture: The “Insanity” of Women  
  • Nov. 6: Craig Christensen: “The 14th Amendment and the doctrine of incorporation. What do “privileges and immunities “ and “ due process” mean and how do they affect us?”  
  • Nov. 13: Craig Christensen: “The 14th amendment and “equal protection” Who is protected from what and by what standards?”