BHSU Honors student earns prestigious BNY Mellon Enactus Student fellowship

Katelyn Woten, a BHSU Honors student majoring in professional accountancy, has been selected as a 2017-18 BNY Mellon Enactus Student Fellow. She was 1 of 150 students accepted into the prestigious national program.

Black Hills State University Enactus member and Honors Program student Katelyn Woten has been accepted into the 2017-18 BNY Mellon Enactus Student Fellows Program. She is 1 of 150 students in the U.S. that will become certified BNY Mellon Enactus Student Fellows upon completion of the program in April 2018. According to Enactus, graduates of the program will be certified in project management and have enhanced entrepreneurial and financial skills.

The program consists of three online modules in the areas of project management, entrepreneurial thinking, and financial skills in a free market economy. Woten, a professional accountancy major from Potter, Neb., began the online training for the fellowship program and has already realized the benefits of this new knowledge. She believes the project management module will be useful in her career after graduating in May 2018.

"You learn that you should research all of the information you will need before you start a project," says Woten. "That prevents the inevitable setbacks that projects can suffer from, such as wasted time or money on a plan that wasn't fully thought through."

Woten is happy that she chose to attend BHSU and experience all the opportunities provided.

"I originally came to BHSU to find a new adventure - and to find my place in the world," she shares, knowing her participation in campus programs like Enactus, the Honors Program, and various other extra-curricular activities has given her an advantage when it comes time to apply for jobs.

"These opportunities give me the upper-hand over other candidates," says Woten, who plans to work for an accounting firm while obtaining her CPA after graduation.

Woten will also remain involved in Enactus as an alumni. She credits her experience with the program for building valuable leadership skills and important networking connections that will benefit her future. Even now, fellow students, professors, and advisors are impressed with her abilities and know she has a bright future ahead.

Each BHSU Honor's student presents a Honors Capstone defense, a culminating moment that illuminates Honors scholars' skills and the knowledge they have accumulated throughout their time at BHSU, according to Kelly Kirk, assistant director of the University Honors Program and instructor of history. The BeeSweet honey project in Zambia, Woten's research focus, has been beneficial for all involved. The team invested in 100 hives in Zambia to help stabilize the Zambian economy. Woten used this experience for her Honors Capstone defense, showing how her education has empowered her to make a global impact.

"Kate has maximized her Enactus affiliation, from her positions, both present and past, as president, treasurer, statistician, and project manager," says Dr. Bobbi Looney, assistant professor of management at BHSU and Enactus co-advisor.  "She has presented three times at the national competition level, and moved along our team-supported BeeSweet honey project in Zambia by making financial literacy her Honors' program capstone study.  Thus, this Bank of New York Mellon Student Fellow Program is a hard-earned and well-deserved award for her. The BNY Mellon affiliation brings Kate into notable contact with high-level employers nationally. As Kate looks ahead to graduation, this credential will serve her well in h