Meet the newest fourth grade teacher in Spearfish: Amanda Krueger, BHSU grad

Amanda Krueger, elementary education major from Spearfish, will soon begin her new job as a fourth grade teacher at Creekside Elementary after graduating from Black Hills State University this weekend.

Black Hills State University graduating senior Amanda Krueger will soon begin her new job as a fourth grade teacher at Creekside Elementary in Spearfish, just a few doors down the hall from where she completed her student teaching.

"I'm looking forward to continuing to teach fourth grade," says Amanda.

An elementary education major from Spearfish, Amanda said she found out she got the job when Dan Olson, principal of Creekside Elementary, walked into her student teaching classroom and lightheartedly asked if the students knew anyone who could teach fourth grade next year.

It was a fitting job offer for Amanda who says her field experiences through the BHSU School of Education have given her the opportunity to experience different classrooms, school districts, and grade levels.

"I love spending time with kids and I've had many opportunities from my experience early on at BHSU to be in the classroom," says Amanda. "I've always known I wanted to go into education and BHSU has the best education program."

Dr. John Alsup, professor of math education, and Mary Cooper, instructor of reading, are two of Amanda's favorite education professors at BHSU. She says she enjoyed spending time in their classes, listening to their experiences, and gaining knowledge from them.

Amanda says her favorite part of teaching is working individually with students to master a skill on their own.

"Working with a student who needs that extra support, for example, and you're trying to teach it as many different ways as you can. That's just the best feeling when they get it and you know you helped them become a more independent learner," says Amanda.