From Tunisia to the US: my top moments

As I write this, I was counting the days left until my journey here in the US is over and I go back to my home country Tunisia. There is not much left, and I am in awe of how fast the time flew by. And as one normally does, I sat back, lost in what now seems like reveries, as I kept recollecting my fondest memories from the very start of this year.  

As I took a trip down memory lane, I remembered the first time I actually felt like I am witnessing the start of meaningful friendships, the meetings at the international office with The Global Jackets club, everyone seemed so kind and thoughtful, and all of us internationals felt so safe to talk about what we found unusual and quirky about the states. It’s a nice feeling to belong. 

And I will not forget the moment I had my first article published in BHSU’s award winning newspaper: The Jacket Journal. Seeing my words and my name typed in an award-winning newspaper is very euphoric to me, and it is more so to my inner child; a little accomplishment was achieved that day.  

Adding to my favorite moments, is the day my friend took me to Leones’ creamery on Spearfish’s main street. I tried the famous birthday cake flavor, and I was transported to world of sweet bliss. The texture and the sprinkles danced on my taste buds, and I was never more grateful.  

As I kept retracing through it all, and I almost felt guilty for not mentioning my Creative Writing class with Dr. Huse Wika before this, the joy of learning was introduced to me for the first time since ever through her classes. At first, I thought taking a writing class and going through the pressure of assignments would take the joy of a long-enjoyed hobby, but it was the opposite; if anything, I am more invested in what is now a passion more than ever.  

To nourish my love for writing even more, I got to do it as a task for my internship at the BHSU Marketing and Communications department too, and for my first day, I dressed up in the most adult like outfit I had, grabbed my hot-white-chocolate-mocha, and I sprinted there like I was about to save the world from some unknown danger lurking around the corner. 

Each memory, no matter how small or insignificant, has added to the tapestry of moments that cannot be captured or measured. To assign them value or rank them all together would diminish the magic and warmth in them. 

Suffice to say, I had the privilege to experience a depth of joy and self-empowerment here. I got to meet people who are now my friends for a lifetime, I have been witness to their kindness and generosity, two traits that I grew up with in my home community, and thanks to them, it felt as if I am surrounded by family. All of it will continue to resonate with me for many years to come. 


Open book, hand holding the left side of the page, computer sitting next to book

3 photos (left to right): hand holding Leone's Creamery ice cream on main street of Spearfish SD; South Dakota Home Sweet Home mug sitting on table; snow covered parking lot with tree, rock, and bench


Picture of the Joy Center and the BHSU hill