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Gage McSpadden was a participant in the TRIO Student Support Services (SSS) program from the fall of 2011 to the summer of 2015 when he was killed by a lightning strike. The TRIO Essay Scholarship, which is funded by SSS staff and friends of the SSS program, will now be known as The "Gage McSpadden" TRIO Essay Scholarship in Gage's honor. Gage had completed work for his psychology degree and coaching minor and was working on completing a double major in exercise science. He was awarded a posthumous degree in December, 2015.

It was Gage's work ethic, positive attitude, and team spirit that endeared him to all who knew him. Many times, Gage would share with others how he came to BHSU as an average student and athlete and became the best student and athlete he could be! Gage contributed toward other students' success as an SSS peer tutor in exercise science and as a peer mentor for new students in the SSS program. He set his personal goals, worked hard to achieve them, and inspired others to do the same. The TRIO Essay Scholarship will hereafter be awarded to honor the spirit of Gage McSpadden.

All students who participate in SSS are eligible to apply for the TRIO Essay Scholarship. One $500 and two $250 scholarships will be awarded each year as long as funds are available. To apply, submit a one- to two-page essay, double-spaced, using 1" margins with an 11-point font. Discuss how the SSS program has positively impacted your educational goals, removed barriers, provided academic and personal support, engaged you in other university or community activities, and/or influenced and helped you achieve your educational goals. Include your goals for the future. 

The essays are due at the end of March each year.  Students should contact the SSS office for the due date and the application. Bring your essay to the Student Support Services Office in Woodburn Rm 137. The essays will be judged by a faculty/staff committee, and not by the SSS staff, so assume that your readers will not know anything about you (how often you have utilized the services, or the progress you have made, etc.) and explain yourself fully! Good luck!

SSS Makes a Difference...

"[The SSS staff] have gotten to know me, the good with the bad. [They] have been a support in my personal life and cheerleaders that have kept me going. The staff have never judged me or looked down on me for my background. They have always made me feel that I could overcome my struggles and succeed. Through my stumbles in life and hardships they have helped me through by listening and making suggestions. I have had a personal connection with each person...SSS helps with the little things people take for granted..." - 4th year student