student senate BHSU STUDENT SENATE

 The Black Hills State University Student Association is comprised of all the students of Black Hills State University. The Student Senate is charged with representing BHSU students before the President of the University, faculty and campus comittees, and the SD Board of Regents in order to serve as a medium to further general cooperation and unity. We promote student activities and act on matters relating to student affairs in addition to sharing in the budgeting responsibilities of the general allocation fund.

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Executive Committe

President                        -   Keegan Baatz

Vice President                 -   Myndi Weidenbach

Office Administrator         -   Gabby East

Officer of Public Relations -   Chance Eben


College of Liberal Arts

Senator Marissa Danforth

Senator Daniel Egemo


College of Business and Natural Sciences



College of Education and Behavorial Sciences

Senator Jessica Jesseph 

Senator Bella Rowe