BHSU Visual Identity Standards

This Visual Identity Standard provides the campus with comprehensive guidelines on how Black Hills State University represents itself in printed publications as well as on the web and other multimedia formats. The official logo provides a visual representation of Black Hills State University. Consistent usage creates a strong visual identity that builds recognition for the university and strengthens our image in the community, state, and region. A strong visual identity is the foundation for successful recruiting, fundraising, and marketing.

The intention of the standards is not to have all visual communication be identical, but to share visual elements that identify them as BHSU. By defining the framework some design options are limited but ample room for creativity remains.

If you have questions about usage that is not covered here please call at 642-6445.

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BHSU's Identity Standards BHSU's Identity Standards


Visual Identity Standards - Photography

Quality photographic images are critical for positive first impressions, whether they are on a web page, a brochure, or a book.

Consider what images might appeal best to your audience. Is a group photo of your faculty really relevant to a high school student? Will a potential donor be moved by a distant shot of a speaker at a podium? Will alumni be impressed by bored-looking attendees at a luncheon? People should be engaged in some pursuit or be posed naturally.


Sources of Photography


The Marketing and Communications Office maintains a supply of marketing photos. Photos are for use only in promoting BHSU, and may not be used by any off-campus entity without permission from the Marketing Office.

Marketing will arrange for a photographer for University events when asked and a
photographer is available. Please email us or call 605.642.6215 for more information.

If you are searching for older or historic photos please visit the BHSU archives located on the second floor of the library. Contact special collections at 605.642.6361 for more information.


Advertisements / Press Releases

Advertisements and press releases are coordinated through the Marketing and Communications Office. This includes all radio, television, newspaper, magazine, online advertisements, or publications distributed off campus. Please contact Marketing and Communications with questions concerning advertisements and press releases.


If you choose to write your own press release, please see the University formatted template here. Once your press release is ready, please send it to the Marketing and Communications Office to send out for distribution.

Learn more about Public Relation services that Marketing and Communications offers. 


Displays, Exhibits & Signage

All exhibits, displays and signage must prominently display the logo. Please coordinate production of display materials through the Marketing and Communications Office. 

Display Items Available for Loan

The following materials are available by request (Please call 642-6215 to reserve these items): Items for loan from Marketing & Communications

Business Cards / Stationary

Business Cards

Business cards should be ordered through the Marketing and Communications Office. Order your business cards online.

BHSU Stationery

BHSU stationery, includes letterhead and envelopes on white stock with green and gold ink. Order your stationery online today A downloadable letterhead template is now available for use.This template is not to replace stationery ordered from the Printing Center. The template is only to be used for electronic letter formats and limited printing.

Name badges

Magnetic name badges are available through JJs Engraving in Rapid City. Submit purchase requisitions for name badges through the Purchasing Office. They have our logo on file. Include on the requisition the information printed to be on the badge. Keep the number of words to a minimum for best results.