BHSU Facilities Services

Facilities Services is located directly behind Woodburn Hall.
Office hours are Monday through Friday, 7:00 AM to 5:00 PM.
Please contact us at 605-642-6244 for any questions or concerns.

Sustainability at BHSU

  • LEED™ Silver Certification on new construction
    All new construction at BHSU must meet a minimum of 33 point criteria for LEED™ certification. The categories include Sustainable sites, Water efficiency, Energy & Atmosphere, Materials & Resources, Indoor Environmental Quality, and Innovation & Design Process.
  • Recycling
    Black Hills State University offers recycling on in all campus buildings. Each year we recycle over 50 tons of material. Learn more on our recycling page.
  • Green Cleaning
    Currently 80% of our cleaning chemicals are Green Seal Certified which reduces the impact on health of building occupants, custodians, and the environment. We are moving to obtain 100% of green cleaning chemicals in the near future. 100% of the floor finish that we use in the Resident Halls and classrooms are Green Seal Certified which means no heavy metals released into the environment when scrubbing or stripping. Our paper and plastic products contain post consumer content. All vacuum cleaners in the Student Union and 40% in the Resident Halls (moving to 100%) are equipped with HEPA filtration units that filter to .3 microns at 99.99954% efficiency, to improve indoor air quality. We use microfiber and recycled cotton cloths for general cleaning instead of paper towels to minimize waste.50% of our auto-scrubbers utilize systems that allow us to use 70% less water and cleaning chemicals moving toward 100%.
  • Water Conservation and Pollution Control
    BHSU uses low volume flush valves in new construction and resident hall renovation. New planting areas use native plants for minimum irrigation and maintenance. Recent construction of the Jonas Parking Lot and the Student Union created 3 Bio-swale areas that are designed to filter water before it enters the area’s natural water flows. The swales collect water run off and use plant material to naturally filter debris and sediment.
  • Wind Generation
    The 1.8KW wind turbine generates power that is metered back into the electrical grid and powers a small portion of the Student Union's electrical use.
  • Energy Conservation
    The BHSU Utility Master Plan utilizes long range planning and development for expansion and upgrades to create policy and procedures that will benefit our campus community. A statewide energy evaluated energy consumption in over 4100 state buildings. A planned Energy Performance contract will implement energy saving equipment to reduce our electrical consumption.
  • Solar Energy
    There are approximately 240 solar panels installed on Bordeaux Hall's Rooftop. They will produce just over 70KW saving 20% of the Hall's energy. Additionally, we have a 74 KW rooftop solar array on the rooftop of Thomas Hall. Completed in spring 2019. This 200 panel photo voltaic solar array produces enough energy to fulfill ~20% of Thomas Hall's energy consumption. 
    To see live data about Bordeaux's and Thomas’ solar production click here 

For questions or comments, please contact FACILITIES SERVICES at 605-642-6244.

Plant Operations and Maintenance

Submit a Work Request

Black Hills State University Facilities Services provides maintenance and care of all buildings on campus. Any special requests of custodians or maintenance personnel should be sent to Michael Overby.

For additional help on procedures to submit a work request, view this training video.

Work Requests

  • Faculty and staff members may submit a  service request for non-maintenance issues (i.e. moving office furniture, setting up tables & chairs for events) with department head approval. The request must include a Location Code, Request Type, and FOAP. This information is available by using the drop down boxes and search screens. Non-maintenance work requests should be submitted a minimum seven (7) days in advance of the desired project start date, and include a target completion date in the comments section.
  • Faculty and staff members may submit a  service request for general maintenance repair needs. The request must include contact information, room location, and a detailed description. This information is available by using the drop down boxes and search screens. Maintenance repair service requests will be assigned according to priority within 24 - 48 hours.
  •  Emergency work requests for plumbing or electrical problems should be directed to Facilities Services 605-642-6244. 


  • Faculty and staff members may submit a key request for offices, buildings or classrooms using the on-line DocuSign form (Shared Folders/Facilities Services/Key Request). Keys will need to be checked out from the Facilities Services office. Faculty and staff members are personally responsible for the keys that are checked out to them. An assessment of $10 will be made for a lost office or classroom key and $50 will be assessed for a lost master key. If a faculty member is not returning for the next year, all keys must be turned in to either the College Secretary or the Facilities Services office before the final paycheck will be issued. Department or Division Heads must complete and sign a key request for students to be issued keys. This policy is our effort to maintain the security of all buildings on campus.

BHSU Building/Grand Master Key Request Form

BHSU Office/Classroom Key Request Form

Energy Management

  • Facilities Services is responsible for the campus wide energy conservation program. Any questions about temperature settings, lighting levels, or other conservation measures should be directed to the Director, Randy Culver or by calling 605-642-6244.

Grounds Services

  • Grounds Services provides mowing, seeding and fertilizing of all sod areas, tree trimming, removal and planting, landscaping and campus beautification, athletic field upkeep and snow removal. Concerns or comments regarding grounds maintenance should be directed to Director, Randy Culver at 642-6157 or e-mail

Motor Pool and Fleet

  • Facilities Services provides the scheduling and maintenance of all South Dakota Motor Pool vehicles assigned to BHSU. To schedule a vehicle, complete a travel request through your department. To schedule a state vehicle, complete the online  Vehicle Request Form . Provide the name of the driver, date and time of departure, date and time of return, department account number, and number of passengers. Keys are available for pickup at the Facilities Services office prior to departure. Please contact this office if special before or after-hours pickup is required.
  • If there is a weather, “no travel” advisory, state vehicle should not depart BHSU. Fleet and Travel has right not to issue keys to pool vehicles traveling in the areas of “No Travel” advisories and “Road Closure” notifications due to weather conditions. Fleet & Travel Management reserves the right to decline use of a 12-passenger van to transport personnel due to weather & road conditions.
  • State-owned vehicles are to be used and occupied exclusively by authorized persons on official state business. State-owned vehicles are to be used for official state travel by state officers, employees, board and commission members, consultants and authorized volunteers. The vehicles shall not be used for commuting to and from an employee’s office and residence unless otherwise requested by the respective department administrator and approved by the Fleet Director. Persons using state-owned vehicles are not permitted to transport family, friends, non-state business commuters or animals except for "service animals".
  • Vehicles should be kept clean on the exterior surface and free of litter and clutter on the inside. If vehicles are returned excessively dirty, then the department will charge a $25 cleaning fee.
  • For additional information, please contact Facilities Services at 605-642-6244 or refer to the on-line SD Fleet & Travel Handbook .

Custodial Services

  • A full time staff of 27 Facility Workers allows Facilities Services to provide cleaning and general building maintenance for approximately 760,000 square feet of building space on campus. Swing shifting staff provides custodial service 24 hrs on most days. This staff also provides service to sporting and special events that occur outside normal business hours. Please contact Debbie Liddick at 605-642-6560 or if you need any additional custodial services. 

Signage or Wayfinding

  • Requests will be routed through Facilities Services ( On-line form) for approval, who upon approval or denial will notify the requestor, and upon approval will forward the approved request to the University Print Center. The University Print Center, successor unit, or designee, will evaluate if work can be done at the campus operations under the University Print Management Plan or should be managed through Print Procurement.


  • Facilities Services provides campus wide recycling. Please check us out at Going Green at BHSU!  Faculty and staff members may submit a  service request for recycling issues (disposal of eWaste, refrigerators, microwaves, computers, TV, printers, air conditioners etc.) with department head approval. The request must include a Location Code, Request Type, and FOAP. This information is available by using the drop down boxes and search screens. Recycling work requests should be submitted a minimum seven (7) days in advance of the desired project start date, and include a target completion date in the comments section. The Sustainability Department will assess a recycling fee depending on type and amount of waste. Contact the Facilities Services office at 605-642-6244 if you have any recycling questions.

Winter weather brings typical snow and cold problems. Facilities Services will continue to remove snow, sand sidewalks and roads, and use chemical melters to reduce slip and fall hazards as much as possible. It is important for individuals to recognize the hazards of slippery walks and roadways. There are several things that can be done to reduce the risk of falling when slippery conditions exist. Here are some helpful hints:

  1. Wear boots or overshoes with grip soles. Slick leather or plastic soles on shoes will definitely increase the risk of slipping.
  2. Don't walk with your hands in your pockets. This reduces the ability to use your arms for balance if you do slip.
  3. Take short shuffling steps in very icy areas.
  4. Don't carry or swing heavy loads, such as large boxes, cases or purses that may cause you to become off balance when you are walking.
  5. When walking, curl your toes under and walk as flat-footed as possible.
  6. Don't step on uneven surfaces. Avoid curbs with ice on them
  7. Place your full attention on walking. Digging in your pocketbook or backpack , or talking on the cellphone while walking on ice is dangerous.

Facilities Services is committed to maintaining a safe and comfortable place to learn and work. Please report any hazardous conditions to the Facilities Services office at 605-642-6244.

Contact Us


Randy Culver
Associate Vice President, Facilities & Sustainability
(605) 642-6157

Debbie Liddick
Assistant Director of Facilities & Sustainability
(605) 642-6560

Michael Overby 
Assistant Director of Facilities Services
(605) 645-9224

Scott Hanson
Business Manager
(605) 642-6126