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State Telephone Policy

Employees of Black Hills State University shall not use or permit others to use the state telephone network, cellular phone, or pagers for any purpose other than official university business except:

  • for an emergency
  • to make notification of a change in an employee's work schedule
  • for immediate family concerns

If the telephone call involves long-distance charges, the employee shall pay for the call. Each department is responsible for identifying the policy violations of its employees and taking appropriate actions.

Policy of Assignment of Cellular Telephones


  • The purpose of this policy is to address the assignment of cellular telephones as an effective means of conducting the business of Black Hills State University, to establish and communicate the responsibilities of each department, and to define the procedures for the assignment of cellular telephone equipment and service.  


  • The Vice President for Finance and Administration is responsible for establishing policy and guidelines for the use of cellular telephone technology by employees of Black Hills State University. This technology is to be made available to employees in positions where the benefits associated therewith justify the additional cost. Departments must explore less costly alternatives, such as existing wireline phones, pagers, and calling cards, to meet their communications needs before ordering cellular telephones. Cellular phone usage is limited to the official business of Black Hills State University (see State Telephone Policy).  

Types of Assignments of Cellular Telephone Equipment and Services:  

  1. Senior Level Assignments - Cellular telephone equipment and service of his/her choice will be individually assigned to the President and the Vice-Presidents upon written requests. Senior Level Assignments require the approval of the President.
  2. Department Assignments (Pool Phones) - A Department may be assigned cellular telephone equipment and service to be shared by employees who collectively serve a specific program that has a continuing need to utilize off-site communications in order to perform their job duties. In determining this need, Departments should consider both the availability of wired service to such employees during the performance of their duties and the suitability of optional, less expensive communications devices. Department assignments (pool phone) require the written approval of the department unit budget head.
  3. Individual Assignment - When Department assignments will not fulfill the need, employees may be individually assigned cellular telephone equipment and service, if the need to have constant communications is established and the benefits justify the cost. Individual assignments require the written approval of the department unit budget head.
  4. Emergency Assignments - A Department requiring access to cellular telephone equipment and service on a temporary basis in the event of an emergency may, through approval of the department unit budget head request assignment of emergency cellular telephone equipment through a pool managed by University Support Services subject to availability of equipment.

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