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The University Honors program is about achievement, leadership, and community. The program provides a unique academic and social community for students committed to academic and personal excellence. From foundations courses and colloquia to the capstone project, the program affords an individualized program of study to students with exemplary academic records. Honors work is different work than a traditional university classroom, but not necessarily more difficult. In an Honors learning environment, students engage directly with faculty in classes that are founded on critical analysis and discussion. The focus is less on memorization and more on critical thinking and application, and students are exposed to diverse perspectives and theories not often covered in traditional classroom settings.


Honors courses strive to provide students with faculty mentors, small collaborative communities, and opportunities in research and creative scholarship. The program’s student organization offers opportunities for leadership and service to the campus, the community, and beyond. Honors presents highly motivated students – regardless of their major field of study – an enriching education and university experience. Students who graduate from the program will graduate as University Scholars, both in name and in accomplishment.



The goal of the curriculum is to provide students with a well-rounded education and, at the same time, to give them a chance to follow their own academic, professional or creative interests. Depending on the degree program, there are two tracks for the University Honors Program: Bachelor's and Associate. Faculty create one-of-a-kind colloquia to challenge and engage students in discussion-based classes that promote the free exchange of ideas, academic scholarship and research, and experiential learning opportunities. Later in their Honors careers, students direct their own capstone project, aided by the guidance of a faculty mentor and capstone committee. This experience culminates in a traditional defense at the end of the semester.

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