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Dr. John VanBenthuysen 

Assistant Professor
History/SS - Political Science 
Jonas Academic 130 


Dr. Van Benthuysen teaches courses in International Relations and Comparative Politics and his research is focused on relationships between international order and states.

Selected Publications:

Van Benthuysen, J. (2016). An Assessment of International Order: Liberal Major Powers and Fragile and Failing States. Journal of Poverty   Alleviation and International Development, 7(2), 37-67.

Van Benthuysen, J. (2015). In-Between Anarchy and Interdependence: From State Death to Fragile and Failing States. Third World Quarterly, 36(1), 22-39.

Valeriano, B., & J. Van Benthuysen (2012). When States Die: Geographic and Territorial Pathways to State Death. Third World Quarterly, 33(7), 1167-1191.