Intern - Student Teaching


Student Teaching Internship Handbook
At the beginning of the internship

During the internship
  • Leave of Absence: to be used for all absences (professional, sick, and personal)
  • Weekly Conference Form: for identifying strengths and areas to solidify; these forms are also sent to the Office of Field Experiences and may be used for conferencing during observation debriefings and cross-referenced with leave forms
  • Lesson Plan Format: to be used for all required formative observations
  • Submit PRAXIS PPAT for scoring
  • You will be evaluated by the University Supervisor and Clinical Educator
    • 4 each for interns in a 16-week placement
    • 3 each for interns in a 10-week placement
    • 2 each for interns in an 8-week placement
    • Additional evaluations as needed
By the end of the internship

Contact Info

Jami Kesling
Director of Field Experience
Jonas 203A Map
Phone: 605-642-6077

Black Hills State University
1200 University St.
Spearfish, SD, USA 57799

Jean Osborn
Program Assistant, School of Education
Jonas 203A Map
Phone: 605-642-6642

Dr. Betsy Silva
Dean, College of Education & Behavioral Sciences
Phone: 605-642-6551

Dr. Faye LaDuke-Pelster
Chair, School of Education
Phone: 605-642-6627

Dr. Ryan Amys
Assistant Professor, School of Education (Director of Project Second)
Phone: 605-642-6196