Intern - Student Teaching

Responsibilities for Student Teaching Internship

Student Teaching Internship Handbook
At the beginning of the internship

During the internship
  • Weekly Conference Form: suggested format for identifying strengths and areas to solidify; these forms are not sent back to the Office of Field Experiences and may be used for conferencing during observation debriefings
  • Turn in PPAT Task 1 Scoring Sheet to the University Supervisor for scoring
  • Leave of Absence: to be used for all absences (professional, sick, and personal)
  • Lesson Plan Format: to be used for all required formative observations
  • Submit PRAXIS PPAT for scoring
  • You will be evaluated by the University Supervisor and Clinical Educator
    • 4 each for interns in a 16-week placement
    • 3 each for interns in a 10-week placement prior to an international experience
    • 2 each for interns in an 8 or 10-week placement
    • Once for interns in a 6-week placement
    • Additional evaluations as needed
By the end of the internship Praxis Performance Assessment for Teachers Resources (PPAT)

Contact Information

Dr. Sharla Dowding
Director of Field Experiences
Certification Officer

Jean Osborn
Program Assistant of the Office of Field Experiences

Dr. Sharman Adams
Dean of the College of Education & Behavioral Sciences

Dr. Richard Carriveau
Chair of the School of Education

Dr. Ryan Amys
Instructor/Director, Project Second