School of Education at BHSU

Educational Resources

Here are some supporting educational resources for students. These materials will assist you in meeting School standards such as  lesson planning formats, and INTASC standards; as well as materials to meet state licensing requirements such as PRAXIS exams and teacher certification forms.


All students are assigned a School of Education University faculty member as their advisor.  Students should meet with their advisor at least once each year to ensure that they are taking the correct classes in the correct order. If students do not know who their advisor is, they can find that information in the Dean's office in Jonas Hall, second floor.

Advisors can also assist Education students with Praxis exam questions, general registration questions, entrance into the School of Education questions, endorsement questions, field experience questions, Portfolio questions and general educational career questions.

Praxis Exams

In order to graduate from BHSU and be licensed to teach in South Dakota, students must pass Praxis Content Knowledge Exams and a Principles of Learning and Teaching (PLT) Exam. The Praxis Content Knowledge Exams measure the student’s knowledge of content (what disciplines he/she will teach) and must be successfully passed before a student is allowed to student teach. The PLT Exam assesses the student’s knowledge of methods (how to teach). It is taken during the student teaching semester.

Students must pass any content area exam for which they want to be licensed in South Dakota (major, minor, or endorsement). Study Guides for Praxis Content Knowledge Exams and PLT Exams are available for checkout from the Office of Field Experiences. Over 90% of our students pass the exams on the first try because they study, take it seriously, and take advantage of study guides and study sessions.

Additional Certification Information
PRAXIS Website

Additional Resources

Find more helpful resources for students here.