Raeann Mettler 

Kathryn Johnson Life Sciences 117

Raeann was born and raised in the Black Hills and discovered her love for nature and science as a young girl exploring the pine forest that was her back yard. Following several seasonal field biologist positions as a young adult, an undergraduate research fellowship in college exposed her to genetic lab techniques, inspiring her to continue onto graduate studies in avian population genetics. Primary research interests have been in studying the dynamics of songbird populations at contact zones and migratory divides, migration ecology and the evolution of reproductive isolation. As the fields of genetics and genomics have rapidly advanced during recent years, Raeann has continued to learn new laboratory and analysis methods and collaborate with researchers in various fields. Many of her projects allow BHSU students to assist with research in some aspect, providing valuable experiential learning opportunities and application of the scientific method. Off campus Raeann enjoys gardening, community activities, spending time outdoors and time with family.