Ramsey, Tara

Dr. Tara Ramsey

Research Assistant Professor
Jonas Science 168

Dr. Tara Ramsey is research associate and adjunct instructor of biology at BHSU. Tara completed her graduate studies in Botany at Miami University of Ohio (MSc) and the University of Washington (PhD). Tara’s research is focused on the invasion biology and taxonomy of ivy (Hedera spp., Araliaceae), an ornamental vine that has become an aggressive weed in coastal North American forests; she also collaborates with Justin Ramsey in studies of ecological adaptation in wild yarrow. Tara coordinates Ramsey Lab educational outreach and conservation-related activities, including K-12 teacher workshops and an inventory of wild and cultivated trees on the BHSU campus. Tara teaches introductory and upper-level plant biology courses at BHSU. Outside of work, she enjoys spending time with Siamese cats Clausen and Keck.