School of Business Mission

School of Business Black Hills State University 2016-2019

Vision Statement

Our vision is to be recognized for academic excellence, and to be the preferred business school for students in the region.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to develop analytical, communicative, ethical, and globally competitive business leaders through high quality teaching, research, and service.

Further Explanation of Mission Statement

The School of Business at Black Hills State University delivers quality undergraduate and graduate business programs to qualified traditional and nontraditional students from the Dakotas and surrounding regions. With a faculty of academics and experienced professionals dedicated to teaching, research, and service, we offer small classes structured for student mentoring. Our innovative instruction methods include online and hybrid courses and opportunities for experiential learning. The School of Business develops students to: compete effectively in a dynamic global business environment, apply research and analytical skills to business decisions, communicate effectively and employ information technology, and analyze ethical issues in business.

Core Values/Guiding Principles

  • Spirit of Public Service We believe that higher education exists for the betterment of society and that participating in this noble enterprise is a privilege.
  • Respect, Diversity, Community, Collaboration As members of a vibrant learning community, we strive to create a culture of mutual respect, tolerance for diversity, and collaboration among faculty, students and administrators.
  • Responsibility, Engagement As educators we strive to inspire engaged learning in our students, instilling individual accountability while guiding them in the development of professional competence. This process is solidified, in part, through small class size and personal attention.
  • High Expectations, Concern for Students As a faculty we are committed to excellence in teaching, concern for our students, and high expectations in scholarship for ourselves and our students.
  • Ethical Awareness, Sustainability We believe that a well-rounded business education acknowledges commercial enterprise as a source of innovation and wealth creation that also requires a nuanced understanding of business ethics and sustainable business practices.
  • Continuous Improvement, Relevance, Critical Skills To ensure that our students receive the best education that we can render, we engage in a continuous search to improve our methods, processes, technologies and instructional content.
  • Research, Service We recognize that the body of knowledge in every field is constantly evolving, and we embrace our responsibility to contribute to our disciplines through research and service in a way that informs our teaching.