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BHSU Chemistry Faculty

Amy AsunskisSchool of Natural SciencesInstructor, Chemistry (BHSU-RC)(605)718-4365
Dan AsunskisSchool of Natural SciencesChair, School of Natural Sciences / Associate Professor, Chemistry(605)642-6516
John DixsonSchool of Natural SciencesAssociate Professor, Chemistry(605)642-6284
Dan DurbenSchool of Natural SciencesProfessor, Physics(605)642-6505
Katrina JensenSchool of Natural SciencesAssociate Professor, Chemistry(605)642-6247
Betty ZehfusSchool of Natural SciencesAdj Chem(605)642-6028
Micheal ZehfusSchool of Natural SciencesProfessor, Chemistry(605)642-6028