Masters in Reading at BHSU

Requirements to admittance to the Master's of Education in Reading (M.Ed.) program

Admission Requirements and Candidacy Process:

Admission to university graduate studies and establishing candidacy status for the M.Ed. degree are two separate phases that must be completed.

Phase 1- Admissions

  1. Apply online for admission to graduate studies. Submit completed application form and a $35.00 application fee. Request that an official undergraduate transcript showing your posted baccalaureate degree be sent from the institution that awarded the degree to BHSU Admissions, along with graduate transcripts if you wish to transfer graduate credit. You will receive an email from the Director of Graduate Studies regarding your acceptance.

    To be accepted, students must have:
    1. An undergraduate degree in education (BS or BA)
    2. A cumulative undergraduate grade point average of 3.00 or higher
    3. At least 3 years professional teaching experience

  2. After acceptance to BHSU graduate study, contact the COE Graduate Coordinator at to confirm a plan of study.

Phase 2- Candidacy

During the first semester of coursework and while enrolled in ED 630, the student will apply for candidacy status. Students will be directed to an online module that contains all instructions. Although recommendation for candidacy is determined at this point, candidacy becomes official after completion of 10 credit hours with a GPA of 3.00.

The student will submit the following documents via the D2L candidacy module to the Graduate Coordinator for review by the Graduate Candidacy Committee:

  1. Professional Dispositions Assessment completed as a self-evaluation
  2. Professional Dispositions Assessments completed by two references
  3. Reference forms from two supervisors or others qualified to provide a fair and impartial evaluation of the student’s ability
  4. A reflective writing piece( based on case studies) to allow evaluation of the student’s reasoning skills and ability to communicate in written form (instructions in online candidacy module)
  5. Official copies of any graduate transcripts previously completed (if you desire to transfer credit) Note: If other institutional graduate credits are to be considered for use in the degree, even as elective credit, the following criteria must be met:
    1. Although the BHSU graduate program can accept up to 10 credits, the actual number of transfer credits will be dependent on the student’s plan of study and generally falls between zero and nine credit hours.
    2. All previous credit hours must have been taken within a period of six years, calculated from date of enrollment to the date the degree is conferred.
    3. Only credits that have a letter grade of “A” or “B” may be considered. (“Pass/fail” and “satisfactory/unsatisfactory” graded classes will not be allowed.)
    4. Students may be asked to provide course descriptions, syllabi or other documentation to verify the relationship of transferred credits to the M.Ed. program.

Contact Information:

Dr. Faye LaDuke-Pelster
College of Education Graduate Coordinator 
Phone (605) 642-6627