How do I apply for a Graduate Program? Apply Online.

   **Note: Some graduate programs may require additional materials to be submitted with this application. See individual program pages for any specific admissions requirements.

I am an international student, how can I apply? Click here for an International Student application.

I am a transfer student, what do I need to do? Apply as you normally would to the program of your choice.

What is the tuition rate for graduate classes? Tuition Rates

How do I pay for school?

How many Credits are needed to Graduate? Credit Requirements vary by each program:

Am I ready for Graduate school? Not sure if Graduate school is for you? Click here to get informed.

Where are classes held? Depending on the program you are in, classes are held on campus, online or at the BHSU-RC located in Rapid City.

How do I add / drop a course? Click this link to add or drop a class.

How do I apply for graduation? This link will take you to all information regarding graduation.

Where do I look for job placement? Find jobs through the Jacket Job Link.