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"If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his language, that goes to his heart" - Nelson Mandela.

Experience the world through language. Knowing another language will both enrich your personal life and improve your career prospects. If you study just one additional language, you will discover a deeper sense of self, and an increased sensitivity to cultural differences. “Many people who study languages and cultures are surprised to find the experience transformative. For some, developing knowledge of a second language and culture is like expanding one’s personality, acquiring options that are both enriching and liberating.” (ACTFL, 2007) The study of another language also strengthens your intellect and analytical skill.  

Have you had a bad experience with previous language study? If so, give it another chance with us. All of our classes are taught in the target language in a relaxed and non-threatening way. If you are willing to try, then we want you to succeed. You won’t regret it.

We offer courses in German, Lakota, Russian, and the major and minor in Spanish. BHSU also offers you the chance to apply for an opportunity to study abroad. Modern language courses can satisfy general education requirements.  Would you, as is recommended for graduate school in many disciplines, like to pursue the Bachelor of Arts Degree rather than the Bachelor of Science? Then you will need to study through the intermediate level of a foreign language. 



Dr. Du-Lu Hsiao, School of Arts and Humanities, Associate Professor of Spanish, 605-642-6195

Dr. Tatiana Fistrovic, School of Arts and Humanities, Adjunct Instructor of Spanish, 605-642-6240

Connie Hubbard, School of Arts and Humanities, Adjunct Instructor of German, 605-642-6240

Dr. Irina Sepsyakova, School of Arts and Humanities, Adjunct Instructor of Russian, 605-642-6240

Beverly M Running Bear, School of Arts and Humanities, Adjunct Instructor of Lakota, 605-642-6240

Contact Info

Dr. Du-Lu Hsiao
Phone: (605) 642-6195
Assistant Professor of Spanish

Black Hills State University
1200 University St.
Spearfish, SD, USA 57799