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Study Lakota at BHSU

The following Lakota language courses are offered at BHSU:

First year:
Introductory Lakota I

This course serves as an introduction to the Lakota language. The focus is on basic sounds of the language, correct pronunciation, and basic sentence structure.

Introductory Lakota II

This course offers further study of the language. It continues to emphasis pronunciation, expands vocabulary, furthers understanding of grammar, and provides practice in reading, writing, and speaking Lakota.

Second year:
Intermediate Lakota I

This advanced course builds on the introductory Lakota language courses. An emphasis is placed on verb conjugation, composition of sentences, and an analysis of Lakota language texts within advanced grammar and Lakota literacy.

Intermediate Lakota II

This is an advanced Lakota language course. It is an extension of all that is discussed in Intermediate Lakota I.

These courses are electives for the American Indian Studies major. Check out this major if these courses interest you!