Sports Media at BHSU

Sports Media Emphasis

The Sports Media Emphasis is a new and exciting program at BHSU. This program combines class work from the Communication field, such as Newswriting, Audio Production and Sports Broadcasting, with courses related to athletics and coaching.

With this degree, students will be able to pursue careers in sports information, journalism, broadcasting, photojournalism, and advertising as well as opportunities to continue their education in graduate school.

Students in the sports media emphasis will gain specialized knowledge and skills that will be well-suited to the fast-paced and growing industry of sports news and entertainment. Hands-on experience on campus will focus on offering an integrated apporach to learning media skills, including writing, audio production, photography, graphics, video, TV and radio broadcast. Contact for more information

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Sports Media 4 Year Plan

Mass Communications - Sports Media Emphasis: 4-YEAR PLAN
A minor is required with this major plus electives to total 120 hours, of which 36 hours must be 300/400 level courses.


Fall Semester
MCOM 151 Introduction to Mass Communication

Spring Semester
MCOM 210 Basic News Writing
MCOM 221 Audio Production


Fall Semester
MCOM 265 Basic Photography OR MCOM 331 Video Produtciton

Spring Semester
MCOM 310 Interviewing for Mass Media
MCOM 452 Mass Media Issues


Fall Semester
MCOM 351 Web Publishing I
MCOM 494 Internship

Spring Semester
MCOM 266 Photojournalism OR MCOM 311 News Editing


Fall Semester
MCOM 452 Mass Media Issues - May take 452 (fall) or 430 (spring).
Choose 1: - May take 305, 330, 373 or 475 (fall); 266 or 311 (spring); or 254 (occasional)
MCOM 305 Sports Broadcasting
MCOM 330 Writing for Digital Media
MCOM 373 Public Relations Case Study
MCOM 475 Public Relations

Spring Semester
MCOM 430 Media Law
MCOM 335 Electronic Journalism
MCOM 495 Practicum

Sports Media Emphasis Requirements

Sports Media Emphasis - 44 hours

  • 3 BADM 370 Marketing
  • 1 HLTH 251 First Aid & CPR
  • 3 MCOM 151 Intro to Mass Comm
  • 3 MCOM 210 Basic Newswriting
  • 3 MCOM 221 Audio Production
  • 3 MCOM 317 Multimedia Reporting
  • 3 MCOM 327 Advanced Multimedia Reporting
  • 3 MCOM 351 Web Design
  • 3 MCOM 494 Internship
  • 3 PE 440 Org & Admin of HPER
  • 2 PE 453 Sport Psychology

Take one of the following:

  • 3 MCOM 265 Basic Photography
  • 3 MCOM 331 Video Production

Take one of the following:

  • 3 MCOM 430 Media Law
  • 3 MCOM 452 Mass Media Issues

Take three Coaching Methods courses:

  • PE 469 Coach Baseball/Softball
  • PE 470 Coach Basketball
  • PE 471 Coach Football
  • PE 473 Coach Track/Field
  • PE 475 Coach Volleyball

Take one of the following:

  • MCOM 266 Photojournalism
  • MCOM 305 Sports Broadcasting
  • MCOM 322 Radio Production
  • MCOM 330 Writing for Digital Media
  • MCOM 332 Television Production
  • MCOM 373 Public Relations Case Study
  • MCOM 475 Public Relations


There are employment opportunities in a variety of sectors:
» Advertisement
» Audio/Video Specialist
» Broadcaster
» Commercial Photographer
» Creative/Art Designer
» Drone Photographer
» Filmmaker
» Fine Art Photographer
» Graphic Designer
» International PR Specialist
» Journalist
» Logo Designer 
» Multimedia Specialist
» News Editor/Writer
» Photojournalist
» Portrait/Wedding Photographer
» PR Agent
» Reporter
» Speech Writer
» Science Outreach Specialist
»Social Media Content Photographer
» Studio Product Photographer
» Radio Announcer
» Web Designer

Get Involved on Campus

Jacket Journal & BHSU

Open to all BHSU students, the Jacket Journal newspaper is an award-winning campus organization. Several 400-level labs and the Jacket Journal staff produce a hard-copy newspaper as well as the student campus media online website Editorial, production, photography, and advertising staff positions are available each semester.
Contact to learn more.

The Buzz FM

Bringing the best and only alternative to Spearfish, S.D. The Buzz is the university’s student run radio station. Students from any background or major are welcome.
Contact to learn more or tune in to 89.1 & 90.7 FM to listen.


Students experience television broadcasting by servicing the campus with informational and entertaining programs.
Contact to learn more.

Public Relations Club

BHSU Public Relations club is a professional development group for students focused on career enhancement, community involvement, conferencing, competition, and networking for internships and careers across the country. The group has regional and national affiliations that provide many opportunities for students to network with professional organizations, such as Public Relations Society of America.
Contact to learn more.


Whether students are photography majors or simply someone who enjoys photography as a hobby, this organization is open to all. Get involved in regional or national trips, fundraisers, and small adventures for photographers at every level. Shutterbuzz is a student-run organization that brings photographers together.
Contact to learn more.


Develop valuable personal relationships in a small community with amazing faculty and staff while thriving in the outdoors of the Black Hills.