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With courses in such areas as Photojournalism, Public Relations Case Study, Media Law, and Organizational Communication, students learn how businesses and organizations communicate effectively. Students the apply this knowledge and hone their skills through hands-on projects at BHSU and throughout the region.

Every business and organization is involved with Public Relations, and careers can be found in a number of fields. Some students choose to work in advertising, while others find employment with media outlets, and a few become public information officers.

The Public Relations program at BHSU offers:

  • Internships with local, regional, or national organizations.
  • Opportunities to participate in a number of campus organizations, such as the student-run newspaper, radio, and TV stations.
  • Highly motivated faculty with real-world experience
  • A Public Relations Club that provides practical experiences outside of the classroom

Public Relations Emphasis Requirements

Emphasis in Public Relations
3 - MCOM 151 Intro to Mass Communication (gen ed)
3 - MCOM 161 Graphic Communication
3 - MCOM 210 Basic Newswriting
3 - MCOM 220 Introduction to Digital Media
3 - MCOM 373 Public Relations Case Study
3 - MCOM 430 Media Law
3 - MCOM 452 Mass Media Issues
3 - MCOM 475 Public Relations
3 - MCOM 494 Internship
3 - SPCM 410 Organizational Communication
3 - SPCM 434 Small Group Communication
3 - Take one of the following:
3 - BADM 370 Marketing
3 - MCOM 317 News Gathering
3 - MCOM 351 Web Design
6 - Take one of the following course combinations:
3 - MCOM 221 Audio Productions and
3 - MCOM 331 Video Production
3 - MCOM 328 Advertising Media Communications and
3 - MCOM 257 Intermediate Desktop Publishing
3 - MCOM 265 Basic Photography and
3 - MCOM 266 Photojournalism

The public relations emphasis is designed to prepare students to work in such organizations as public relations agencies, businesses, non-profit groups, social service agencies, medical facilities, educational institutions, government agencies, and sports and entertainment operations. A public relations emphasis gives students knowledge and skills needed in a growing field that relies on excellent communication strategies and rapidly changing technologies.

Employee Relations
Employee Relations prepares quarterly and annual reports. They compile employee publications and newsletters and organize internal special events.


Speech Writer
Speech writers writes for CEOs, top executives or politicians. Sometimes ghostwrites articles for trade and consumer presses.


Financial Public Relations/Investor Relations
Communicates with the press, shareholders or members of an organization regarding the organization's financial performance and objectives. Prepares periodic and annual reports, arranges stockholders meetings, writes press releases on earnings or the financial implications of new product development. Coordinates interviews between the corporation or organization executives and security analysts. Timing is key since releasing a news release could drastically affect the value of stocks


International Public Relations
International Public Relations involves working with community leaders, government officials and media to establish a link between the home and international office. Knowledge of the language and customs of another country is required.


Crisis Communication PR
Crisis Communication PR is the systematic attempt to avoid organizational crises or to manage those crises events that do occur.  Crisis management involves attempts to eliminate technological failure as well as the development of formal communication systems to avoid or to manage crisis situations.  Crisis management consists of methods used to respond to both the reality and perception of crises such as a Crisis Management Plan. Crisis management also involves establishing metrics to define what scenarios constitute a crisis and should consequently trigger the necessary response mechanisms. It consists of the communication that occurs within the response phase of emergency management scenarios.


Government Relations
Government relation consultants are often referred to as 'lobbyists', but their work is more wide-ranging. They use their understanding of the political system to offer political and public policy advice to their clients.  Clients may include private sector companies, not-for-profit organizations, or overseas governments.


Copywriters write advertising copy for use by publication, broadcast or internet media to promote the sale of goods and services.  They invent names for products and write the slogans that appear on packaging, brochures and other promotional material.


Illustrators draw or paint illustrations for use by various media to explain or adorn printed or spoken word. They study layouts, sketches of proposed illustrations, and related materials to become familiar with assignment. Illustrators also determine style, technique, and medium best suited to produce desired effects and conform with reproduction requirements, or receive specific instructions regarding these variables.


Production Manager
Production managers supervise staffs of public relations workers, some of whom may be specialists in a particular kind of media. They also direct publicity programs that are designed to improve the public image of the organization that employs them. In industry they direct information to groups such as stockholders, consumers, their firm's own employees, or the general public.


Public Relations Specialist
Public Relations Specialists handle organizational functions such as media, community, consumer, industry, and governmental relations; political campaigns; interest-group representation; conflict mediation; and employee and investor relations. They draft press releases and contact people in the media who might print or broadcast their material. They also arrange and conduct programs to keep up contact between organization representatives and the public.


Account Executive
PR account executives are responsible for communicating key messages to defined target audiences to establish goodwill and understanding between an organization and its public. This is proactively achieved by generating third party endorsement, often through media relations, including broadcast, print and new media.  PR account executives monitor the publicity that is generated on behalf of their clients, as well as liaising on an everyday basis with the client to update and report on the success of the publicity.

Public Relations 4 Year Plan

Mass Communications - Public Relations Emphasis: 4-YEAR PLAN
A minor is required with this major plus electives to total 120 hours, of which 36 hours must be 300/400 level courses.


Fall Semester
MCOM 151 Introduction to Mass Communication
MCOM 131 Fundamentals of E-Media

Spring Semester
MCOM 161 Fundamentals of Desktop Publishing


Fall Semester
MCOM 210 Basic Newswriting
MCOM 228 Ad Media Communications

Spring Semester
MCOM 266 Photojournalism


Fall Semester
MCOM 373 Public Relations Case Studies (odd) OR MCOM 475 Public Relations (even)
SPCM 410 Org COMM (even) OR SPCM 434 Small Group Communication (odd)(

Spring Semester
MCOM 430 Media Law/p>


Fall Semester
MCOM 452 Mass Media Issues

Spring Semester
MCOM 494 Internship

Every Summer - All Online Alternative
May session - MCOM 452 Mass Media Issues
June session - MCOM 430 Media Law
July session - MCOM 210 Basic Newswriting

Career Opportunities

Many of our Public Relations graduates go on to careers like:

  • Employee Relations
  • Speech Writer
  • Financial Public Relations/Investor Relations
  • International Public Relations
  • Crisis Communication PR
  • Government Relations
  • Copywriter
  • Illustrator
  • Production Manager
  • Public Relations Specialist
  • Account Executive
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