Integrated Media

Integrated Media

The print and electronic media industries are undergoing rapid changes resulting from the explosion of new technologies. Digitization has forced previously separate media industries to merge. Today’s media professionals must be comfortable handling a variety of production and journalism tasks across multiple media platforms. This includes traditional media forms like newspapers, magazines, film, radio and television, but also includes the emerging online, mobile and social media technologies.

BHSU offers a flexible plan of study that can be adapted to individuals’ needs and career goals. The Integrated Media emphasis is designed to give all students a broad understanding of contemporary mass media and their place in society; as well as basic proficiencies in writing, audio and video production, and in print and online design. In addition, students gain valuable hands-on experience producing for various campus media throughout the program.

Students will work closely with academic advisors to design customized plans of study, choosing from a variety of courses to fit their educational and career goals.

Integrated media graduates will find careers in writing, print and online publishing, reporting and editing, television and radio, multimedia production, and designing online, mobile and social media applications.

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Q: How does a non-traditional Mass Communication major from Black Hills State University end up working at the premier underground research facility in the U.S.?

A: “In my case it was through an internship. At the time the Sanford Lab communications department was looking for interns who could help produce a video about the facility. It was the professors who recommended that I apply for the internship.”


Radio-Television Production Certificate

Certificate Requirements
  • MCOM 221 - Audio Production
  • MCOM 331 - Video Production

Take two of the following:

  • MCOM 305 - Sports Broadcasting
  • MCOM 322 - Radio Production
  • MCOM 330 - Writing for Digital Media
  • MCOM 332 - Television Production

Radio-Television Emphasis

Minor Requirements
  • MCOM 210 - Basic Newswriting
  • MCOM 220 - Introduction to Digital Media
  • MCOM 221 - Audio Production
  • MCOM 330 - Writing for Digital Media
  • MCOM 331 - Video Production

Take one of the following:

  • MCOM 305 - Sports Broadcasting
  • MCOM 322 - Radio Production
  • MCOM 332 - Television Production

Careers with an Integrated Media Emphasis

Check out the BHSU Journalism DepartmentA university emphasis in Integrated Media provides a student with the skills and the insight to research and deliver current information to audiences through a variety of media. Learn to use traditional storytelling techniques to relate news and information in converged print, radio, television, film, and online media. Integrated Media students learn to present information to the public accurately, briefly and clearly. Students learn important skills in law, ethics, and research that contribute to professional delivery of information to their audiences. Students can put their degrees to use in a wide variety of professions throughout numerous industries.

News Analysts
News Analysts also called newscasters or news anchors—examine, interpret, and broadcast news received from various sources. News anchors present news stories and introduce videotaped news or live transmissions from on-the-scene reporters. News correspondents report on news occurring in the large U.S. and foreign cities where they are stationed.

Sports Information Director
Sports Information Director is responsible for the various sources of media attention to the teams or facilities including writing and printing game schedules, promoting attendance to sporting events, working with outside and in-house media coverage, and arranging and planning advertising and information to play-offs and state championships if the team progresses. This may include producing brochures, posters, newspaper releases, advertising campaigns and even organizing buses and transportation for fans and families of the players.

News Writer
News writers write a story from information collected and submitted by reporters.

Reporters investigate leads and news tips, look at documents, observe events at the scene, and interview people. Reporters take notes and also may take photographs or shoot videos. At their office, they organize the material, determine the focus or emphasis, write their stories, and edit accompanying video material. Many reporters enter information or write stories using laptop computers and electronically submit the material to their offices from remote locations.

Whenever you watch an advertisement on television, hear one on the radio or read one in the newspaper, a copywriter developed the message being delivered. If you're naturally persuasive and creative and can cram a lot of convincing information into a few words, this job should grab your attention.

News Editor
News Editors check for accuracy, content, grammar and style. Their primary duty is to plan publications' content while taking into account what's likely to appeal to readers. They also assign topics to reporters and oversee the publication's production.

Technical Writer
Technical Writers are responsible for writing any type of document as required by a client. Most technical writers specialize in an area of expertise such as safety standards, computers, vehicle maintenance manuals, or virtually any other type of subject matter. Technical writers are responsible for taking the very difficult to understand technical language and breaking it down into easy to read and understand language for the target user group.

Content Producer
Content producers combine their communication backgrounds with strong technical skills and a knack for working well under pressure. They are responsible for producing new content and proofreading content from others.

Book Editor
Book Editors have a variety of duties which may include planning the content of books. They review and edit drafts of books, offer comments to improve the work, and suggest possible titles. Their primary responsibility is to review proposals for books and decide whether to buy the publication rights from the author.

Grant Writer
Grant writers research, develop and author grant proposals on behalf of their employers - corporations, nonprofit organizations, businesses, and government agencies. This process entails becoming familiar with the organization and its projects/programs, financial/budgeting details, finding potential funding to apply for, and compiling, writing, editing and monitoring the grant application process.

PR Specialist
PR specialists handle organizational functions such as media, community, consumer, industry, and governmental relations; political campaigns; interest-group representation; conflict mediation; and employee and investor relations. They draft press releases and contact people in the media who might print or broadcast their material. They also arrange and conduct programs to keep up contact between organization representatives and the public.

Publication Specialist
Publication specialists plan, develop and create graphic designs, layouts and treatments for public information outreach and related materials, including brochures, fact sheets, advertisements, the Annual Report, forms, and brochures.   They also coordinate production deadlines for text, photographs and special features.

Radio Announcer
Radio announcers talk on radio or television. They may interview guests, act as master of ceremonies, read news flashes, identify station by giving call letters, or announce song title and artist.  Radio announcers also prepare and deliver news, sports, and/or weather reports, gathering and rewriting material so that it will convey required information and fit specific time slots.  In addition they read news flashes to inform audiences of important events.

Operations Assistant
Operations assistants perform normal operational and programming functions of an FM radio station, including remote control of transmitter and associated log keeping activities. They perform as on-air station operator; programming the station; maintaining accurate program, operations, and transmitter logs; controlling the transmitter. They also assist in the production of broadcast promotions and special announcements and in the production of pre-tape programs and program series.

Music Producer
Music producers design stage lighting, running sound, run music auditions while collaborating with the Director, Choreographer and Production Manager, and set the rehearsal schedule.

News Writer
News writers write a story from information collected and submitted by reporters. Radio and television reporters often compose stories and report “live” from the scene. At times, they later tape an introduction to or commentary on their story in the studio.

Broadcast News Analyst
Broadcast news analysts analyze and interpret news and information received from various sources in order to be able to broadcast the information. They edit news material to ensure that it fits within available time or space. In addition they examine news items of local, national, and international significance in order to determine topics to address, or obtain assignments from editorial staff members.

Weathercasters are responsible for reporting weather and weather related/environmental stories.  They must be adept at ad-libbing information conversationally and disseminating information unscripted in a compelling story telling style.

Sportscasters are journalist on radio and/or television who specializes in reporting or commentating on sporting events. Sportscasting is often done live, "in real-time". Play-by-Play announcers are sportscasters who provide live commentary of a game. This person must have an excellent grasp of the rules of the game being covered along with its nuances. Preparation is a very important task for a successful play-by-play announcer who most often gained their experience in the sport as a player and/or coach. Knowledge of statistics and sports history is a great asset. This person needs an energetic delivery and a very quick wit. In most cases a play-by-play announcer will work with a Color Commentator, but in some cases will have to fly solo. Color commentators are valued for experience and insight into the game, and are often asked questions by the play-by-play announcer to give them a topic for analysis. Color commentators are more likely to be professional broadcast journalists than a participant in the sport, although there are numerous exceptions to these general trends.

Radio Operator
Radio operators receive and transmit communications using radiotelegraph or radiotelephone equipment in accordance with government regulations. They repair equipment, operate radio equipment in order to communicate with ships, aircraft, mining crews, offshore oil rigs, logging camps and other remote operations.

Video Editor
Video editors are responsible for assembling the final product as a sequence consisting of shots from the raw camera footage, dialogue, sound effects and graphics. This is a key role in the post-production process and the editor's skill determines the quality and delivery of the final product. The director tells the film editors how to rearrange the scenes that have been shot, what footage to cut, and where to insert music, sound, or optical effects.

Website or Internet Producer
Website or internet producers work with engineering, design, production and marketing departments, using my unique ability to communicate across traditional corporate, technical, artistic and social boundaries. This position requires knowledge of several programs, operating systems, HTML and Web production, digital media formats, or video production/post.

TV Announcer
TV announcers may interview guests, act as master of ceremonies, and read news flashes. They prepare and deliver news, sports, and/or weather reports, gathering and rewriting material so that it will convey required information and fit specific time slots. TV announcers also study background information in order to prepare for programs or interviews.

Program Director
Program directors oversee the coordination and administration of all aspects of an ongoing program including planning, organizing, staffing, leading, and controlling program activities. They develop a program evaluation framework to assess the strengths of the program and to identify areas for improvement. Program directors develop an annual budget and operating plan to support the program.

Assistant News Director
Assistant news directors lead and coach news teams to deliver strong enterprise reporting, excellent storytelling and aggressive breaking news coverage. Their responsibilities include planning and executing special events coverage; scheduling anchors and reporters; conducting performance reviews.

Assignment Editor
Assignment editors supervise and coordinate activities of radio or television news gathering staff and maintain contact with outside news agencies, police and fire departments, and other news sources to obtain information regarding developing news items. They determine priority and assign coverage to news units and originate or approve ideas for news features.

Sound Engineering Technician
Sound engineering technicians operate machines and equipment to record, synchronize, mix, or reproduce music, voices, or sound effects in sporting arenas, theater productions, recording studios, or movie and video productions.

Technical Director
Technical directors are usually the most senior technical person within a theatrical company or television studio. This person usually possesses the highest level of competence in a specific technical field and may be recognized as an expert in that industry. The technical director provides technical direction on business decisions and in the execution of specific projects. He or she may be assigned to a single project, or may oversee a number of projects with related technologies.

Station Manager
Station managers usually hire and train all employees or oversee the training by department managers in large stations. The station manager may also deal with contract issues with on air personalities as well as work closely with union stewards or other managers within the agency. The station manager has final decision making ability in determining the format for the station and usually interacts directly with the programming director. Station managers have the responsibility for the day-to-day operation of the station including managing the various departments, scheduling on and off air staff, dealing with promotions and other advertising issues as well as ensuring that the station follows are regulations and guidelines.

An animator is responsible for taking an idea and creating a series of drawings that can be used to bring the idea to life. An animator must be a very visual person that can also turn ideas into either lifelike or cartoon style drawings. Some animators use specialized computer programs to both draw and animate their ideas, but they still must have the fundamental understanding of drawing and creating as well as animation and film.

Game Designer
A video or computer game designer develops the layout, concept and game play, the game design of a video or computer game. This may include playfield design, specification writing, and entry of numeric properties that balance and tune the game play. A game designer works for a developer (which may additionally be the game's video game publisher).

Interactive Writer
Interactive writers are frequently responsible for the development of the design scheme for what ultimately becomes the final media experience for the intended audience. The interactive writer must be a designer, adept at creating stories, design documents, treatments, scripts, proposals, outlines, sitemaps, walk-throughs, and any other material related to the concept, theme, and development of a project. Interactive writers are designers who have a solid understanding of project management, software development, interface design, graphic design, software engineering, and human factors.

Sound Producer
Sound Producers design and produce the sound component of multimedia programs and products. They work with music, voice-overs, and sound effects. They can be responsible for a variety of activities ranging from selecting or recording music to digitizing and editing recorded material into computer files. They may work with other sound professionals such as audio engineers (who actually record voice and sound effects), sound designers or special effects specialists, digital sound processors, sound researchers, musicians, and voice artists.

Web Content Producer
Web Content Producers are responsible for drafting, reviewing and editing content for the company web sites. This position ensures that content is consistent, understandable, accessible and that it maintains company standards. This position facilitates web content creation for other company business units in the organization. This position coordinates and produces communications regarding the activities and services of the company’s Web Team.

Webmasters are in charge of maintaining Web sites for companies and individuals on the World Wide Web. This is a job that requires a wide range of skills and abilities, since many webmasters must do much more than simply write computer codes or update links to other Web sites. The webmaster is ultimately responsible for ensuring that a Web site is easy to navigate and that it addresses the needs of the client and its customers.

CD-ROM Developer/ Software Developer
CD-ROM Developers/ Software Developers write, modify, and debug software for client applications. They use source debuggers and visual development environments and write code to create single-threaded or user interface event driven applications, either stand-alone and those which access servers or services. They also test and document software for client applications.

Art Director
Art directors oversee the artistic design of advertisements and print materials, as well as the filming of television commercials. They are the decision makers who are responsible for the quality of the finished product. The art director chooses a photographer, an illustrator, models, and any props necessary for an ad. If a print ad comes back from the printer with an imperfection, the art director is responsible for retouching it.

Graphic Designer
Graphic designers plan, analyze, and create visual solutions to communications problems. They find the most effective way to get messages across in print, electronic, and film media using a variety of methods such as color, type, illustration, photography, animation, and various print and layout techniques. Graphic designers develop the overall layout and production design of magazines, newspapers, journals, corporate reports, and other publications. They also produce promotional displays, packaging, and marketing brochures for products and services, design distinctive logos for products and businesses, and develop signs and signage systems—called environmental graphics—for business and government.

Interface Designer
Interface designers are graphical user interface (GUI) layout artists. They are employed by multimedia, software, and web development companies. Because GUI elements are interactive, interface design often overlaps interaction design. Because interfaces are not usually composed as single computer files, interface design may require technical understanding, including graphical integration with code. Because, interfaces may require hundreds of assets, knowledge of how to automate graphic production may be required. An interface designer may hold the job title of web designer in a web development company.

Video Producer
Video Producers are responsible for developing, writing, and producing a variety of complex video productions. Duties include: writing scripts for video programs and public service announcements; researching information; editing video; planning staffing, equipment, and materials for video programs, productions, or events; directing video shoots; operating a variety of audio/video equipment such as broadcast video camera, audio board, linear and non-linear editors, lighting and gripping equipment, and microphones; and creating graphics.

Web Developer
Web development is similar to web design except that web developers are involved in every step of the web site design process and in the advertising process as well. They will work with clients in choosing the layout of the site, will suggest colors, font, graphics, and content that should go on each page, and will design and post the finished product online. They will also monitor the site and add new content when appropriate.

Integrated Media Emphasis Requirements

Integrated Media - 45 semester hours

  • MCOM 151 - Introduction to Mass Communication
  • MCOM 210 - Basic News Writing
  • MCOM 220 - Introduction to Digital Media
  • MCOM 221 - Audio Production
  • MCOM 296 - Field Experience (Three 1-Credit Experiences)
  • MCOM 331 - Video Production
  • MCOM 351 - Web Design
  • MCOM 430 - Media Law
  • MCOM 452 - Mass Media Issues
  • MCOM 494 - Internship

Take 3 of the following:

  • MCOM 161 - Graphic Communication
  • MCOM 235 - Social Media Survey
  • MCOM 266 - Photojournalism
  • MCOM 305 - Sports Broadcasting
  • MCOM 317 - Multimedia Reporting
  • MCOM 322 - Radio Production
  • MCOM 327 - Advanced Multimedia Reporting
  • MCOM 328 - Advertising Media Communication
  • MCOM 330 - Writing for Digital Media
  • MCOM 332 - Television Production
  • MCOM 350 - Digital Photography
  • MCOM 475 - Public Relations
  • MCOM 485 - Science Writing
  • MCOM 488 - Research Communication

Take 2 of the following:

  • MCOM 448 - Interactive Multimedia Design
  • MCOM 449 - Advanced Interactive Multimedia Design
  • MCOM 458 - Integrated Media Production Lab I
  • MCOM 459 - Integrated Media Production Lab II
  • MCOM 468 - Integrated News Lab I
  • MCOM 469 - Integrated News Lab II


There are employment opportunities in a variety of sectors:
» Advertisement
» Audio/Video Specialist
» Broadcaster
» Commercial Photographer
» Creative/Art Designer
» Drone Photographer
» Filmmaker
» Fine Art Photographer
» Graphic Designer
» International PR Specialist
» Journalist
» Logo Designer 
» Multimedia Specialist
» News Editor/Writer
» Photojournalist
» Portrait/Wedding Photographer
» PR Agent
» Reporter
» Speech Writer
» Science Outreach Specialist
»Social Media Content Photographer
» Studio Product Photographer
» Radio Announcer
» Wed Designer

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Jacket Journal & BHSU

Open to all BHSU students, the Jacket Journal newspaper is an award-winning campus organization. Several 400-level labs and the Jacket Journal staff produce a hard-copy newspaper as well as the student campus media online website Editorial, production, photography, and advertising staff positions are available each semester.
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The Buzz FM

Bringing the best and only alternative to Spearfish, S.D. The Buzz is the university’s student run radio station. Students from any background or major are welcome.
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Students experience television broadcasting by servicing the campus with informational and entertaining programs.
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Public Relations Club

BHSU Public Relations club is a professional development group for students focused on career enhancement, community involvement, conferencing, competition, and networking for internships and careers across the country. The group has regional and national affiliations that provide many opportunities for students to network with professional organizations, such as Public Relations Society of America.
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Whether students are photography majors or simply someone who enjoys photography as a hobby, this organization is open to all. Get involved in regional or national trips, fundraisers, and small adventures for photographers at every level. Shutterbuzz is a student-run organization that brings photographers together.
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