Advance your career options with a degree in Speech.


We have Speech majors who are now working in a variety of occupations:

  • attorneys at law
  • ministers
  • teachers in several different fields
  • coaches of beginning nurses
  • counselors to disadvantaged high-school students
  • bank managers
  • public relations agents
  • college professors
  • entrepreneurs
  • park service rangers

Nearly one third of our graduates go on to complete law school or graduate school or seminary. Many pursue advanced degrees in Montana, Kansas, Minnesota, Illinois, Arizona, Southern California, and yes, eastern South Dakota. For majors who intend to proceed to a graduate education, we can craft independent study classes to fine-tune their preparation for grad school.

Speech majors do well in job searches because they do not limit themselves to a job description or job title in those searches. Our students develop sets of skills for improving human interaction and cooperation. They offer their employers specific skill sets that apply to that particular job--such as decision-making, problem-solving, leadership, or conflict-resolving skills. The future outlook for a Speech major's career is confined by no horizons -- you can choose your job, change careers, tailor your resume to the employer needs in a changing job market.