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Poetry and Divergent Thinking

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The Spanish Department at Black Hills State University invites you to join us in “Poetry and Divergent Thinking” presentation, hosted by Dr. Rachid Lamarti from Tamkang University (Taipei), next Tuesday, April 2, 2019, 3 p.m. on Club Buzz (lower level at Student Union at BHSU).
Presentation description:
As a rule, art is linked to a producer (the artist) and a product (the work of art). However, the receiver (reader, viewer, etc.) is far (or entirely outside) those coordinates. The art equation does not take it into account. However, upon receiving the artistic work, the recipient, to some extent, ends up (re)producing it. By endowing it with meaning, it completes it, that is to say, it realizes it. Its function in the materialization of art does not go beyond the performance of the artist.
The reader of the poem participates in poetic realization as much as the poet himself. It is not that the poet leaves the poetry half- or unfinished and delegates responsibility for culminating in the reader, but rather, poetry allows the reader to catch glimpses of the poet through his poem. The reading of the poem will arouse a glimmer in the reader of which will result the same or another poetry.
On the other hand, much of contemporary poetry comes from a use of divergent language. César Vallejo (A man is looking at a woman, / is looking at her immediately), Oliverio Girondo (between epithelia of dawn or sleepless hangover from growing loneliness), Vicente Huidobro (With your eyes that evoke a piano of smells), etcetera, cultivated the divergence and surprise the reader with his poems. Nobody, however, can say that they do not write (and very well) in Spanish. The language of these poets starts from subverted conceptual systems, that is to say: divergent. In the non-native production of Spanish-speaking students, a similar result can sometimes be appreciated, if not a similar principle. The non-native Spanish of these students starts from conceptual systems that are not subverted, certainly, but equally divergent. This conference, incarnate in the study of creative ways of reading literature, will expose the virtues of poetic reading in class and how poetry can stimulate the oral and written production of all students and in particularly, Spanish students.
Poetry and Divergent Thinking will be of interest to all public to explore how poem can be seen as indicator that generate creativity (in a broad sense) in our students.
For more information, contact Dr. Du-Lu Hsiao at or (605) 642 6195

Hypnotist Chris Jones

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Event Location: Jacket Legacy Room
Kick off Sting in the Spring by coming to see Hypnotist Chris Jones! Free for all BHSU students with your buzz card and $5 for all Non-BHSU students.

Game Night

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Event Location: Club Buzz
Join BHSU Concert Choir and Buzz Arcade for a fun, collaborative social event with games, a movie, and food!

Main Street mural taking shape with community painting day March 23

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The Black Hills State University ­­­Fine Arts Program invites the community to the Matthews Opera House & Arts Center Saturday, March 23 from 10 a.m.-2 p.m. to participate in a public mural painting project to be placed adjacent to the green space in front of old City Hall. The BHSU Fine Arts program is collaborating with local schools and organizations to complete this new art project this summer. 

BHSU students assist with LUX-ZEPLIN experiment at Sanford Lab

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Two Black Hills State University physical science majors are working with scientists and engineers from around the world on the LUX-ZEPLIN (LZ) experiment at Sanford Underground Research Facility. Nolan Maher, a freshman from Bismark, N.D., and Erika Redinger, a junior from Spearfish, are visiting Sanford Lab two times per week this semester where they work on projects contributing to LZ. LZ is a next-generation dark matter detector.