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BUZZ Card Server Upgrade
We will be doing a software and server upgrade to the BUZZ Card server on June 4th and 5th. During this time all financial transactions will not work. If you have any questions or concerns please contact julianna.tenold@bhsu.edu.
--Submitted by Julianna Tenold on 2020-06-01

Young Center June 1st Re-Opening (Limited Operations)
Beginning June 1st, we will be re-opening the Young Center with limited operations. This includes the fitness center areas only for member, staff, and community use. With the hard work of our university and facility services staff, we will be providing all appropriate supplies and procedures to ensure safety for all. The following information provides Young Center hours of operation, along with further details for what to expect.

• Young Center Hours of Operation
o Weekdays – 6am-6pm
o Weekends 8m-12pm
• Young Center Operations
o Main entrance access only (by Lyle Hare Stadium)
o Hand sanitizer at front desk and fitness center entrances
o Restrooms open only – Locker rooms will remain closed
o All surrounding venues will remain closed
o Staffing – Main front desk and upstairs fitness center desk
 One spray bottle and towel provided for each fitness center guest
 Additional instructions will be provided for use
o All areas will be properly cleaned and sanitized by custodial staff throughout the day
o It is strongly recommended to follow safe social-distancing practices during your time in and around the Young Center (Thank you!)
• Fitness Center Capacity
o 10 person maximum allowed in fitness center upstairs
o 16 person maximum allowed in varsity weight room
o Please, feel free to call ahead to check on capacity – 605-642-6096
o These numbers will be possibly be adjusted per recommendations through June
• Memberships
o If you do not wish to restart your membership, please let me know ASAP so I can ensure your membership dues/dates are not restarted
o All memberships will be prorated based on your previous expiration date and the Young Center closure duration. We will honor all punch passes, week passes, and certificates. Please, ensure you have your parking passes visible inside your vehicles.
o Prorate example #1: If member had an annual membership
 Add 77 days to their membership end date (March 15 – June 1)
o Prorate example #2: If member had a random end-date
 Add prorated amount of days to their membership end date
 For example: If end-date was April 10th, take 16 days from March and 10 days from April for a total of 26 days, and add it to June, so the new end-date would be June 26th.

Thank you again for your patience during this time; we appreciate your attention to these details and are excited to see all of you again. And as always, please practice safe social-distancing to ensure safety for all.
--Submitted by Brock Anundson on 2020-05-29

The Lodging Management Class Experience
Special Announcement:
THM 320 Lodging Management course offered this fall will no longer be an online/independent study class, instead, we are changing it to be an applied learning, face to face course that will be taught every Thursday from 1:00 – 4:00 pm, starting Thursday, August 27, 2020. The purpose of a 3-hour block is to allow enough time to do site visits throughout the Black Hills region. Our goal is to break it up as 1/3 Site Visits, 1/3 Guest Speakers and 1/3 Instructional Application = 100% engaging!

It will be an awesome opportunity to explore an industry that is one of our region’s leading economic drivers. We are currently developing the 16-week fall class schedule for Lodging Management. On the first day students will know where and who we will meet with each week for the duration of the class.

OPEN TO ALL MAJORS: Many of you have already registered for fall, but if this class sounds exciting to you, there is still time to register for this course. For those of you that have yet to register, please consider this class, I promise you, it will be an incredible learning experience. There are 6 slots left for the class!

Please reach out to Dana Weber (dana.weber@bhsu.edu) or Dr. Jeff Wehrung (jeff.wehrung@bhsu.edu) if you have questions about registering for this class.
Check banner for the course offering: THM 320 Lodging Management.
--Submitted by Hans Nelson on 2020-05-26