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Leave Changes
There have been recent updates to South Dakota Administrative Rules and SD Codified Laws regarding employee leave. Please see https://www.bhsu.edu/HR for a summary of all the changes in the Human Resources "Latest Update" section. 
--Submitted by Melissa Hart on 2020-07-02

Girls on Bikes Summer Program
Summer mountain biking program for girls ages 10-13.
SIGN UP NOW: https://bit.ly/girlsonbikeform

The program is taking place on Monday evenings from 5:30pm.
Monday, July 13th to Monday, August 17th.
Location: makeSPACE (517 W Jackson Blvd)
Drop off time: 5:30pm sharp
Pick up time: 7:30-8pm*
*Time may vary depending on the location of the ride

Designed for girls ages 10 to 13. Accessible to all; only pay what you are able.

Suggested donation for full program: $225

The program is suitable for girls who are at least comfortable riding a bike around town (no previous trail or mountain biking experience necessary). Girls will learn new skills each week through outdoor lessons and games, then practice those skills on Big Hill trails (and other locations). Local women will serve as instructors and mentors for participants.

We encourage participants to use their own bike and helmet. If you don't have one, you should still apply and we'll do our best to provide a bike and helmet for your child.

Participating girls need to bring their own water bottle. Snacks will be provided.

--Submitted by Niklas Peters on 2020-06-30

Neutrino Day Artist Talk and Reception
As you may know, Gina Gibson has spent the last year as the Sanford Lab’s Artist-in-Residence. She has a two-part art exhibition planned to present her year's work. Part 1 is virtual and Part 2 will be face-to-face (date TBD).
Next Tuesday, July 7 from 6:00-7:00 pm there will be a live virtual artist talk/reception via the Sanford Lab for Neutrino Day: https://www.neutrinoday.com/event/Gina-Gibson-Virtual-Art-Exhibit-Reception
Also on that day, Gina will officially make the artwork live on her website: www.SEEKINGtheUNSEEN.com

Please be sure to join us online at the reception to see Gina's artwork and hear about her work process!
--Submitted by Corinne Hansen on 2020-06-30

Reminder to register for classes!
In today's video, Janette Hettick one of BHSU's advisors takes a moment to remind students to get registered for their classes as soon as possible to get the classes they need to stay on track.

To register, students can contact Brenna Sadowski in the Registrar's office at 605-642-6092 or Brenna.Sadowski@BHSU.edu.

Watch the video!
--Submitted by Jane Klug on 2020-06-30

Virtual Campus Town Hall Meeting Today!
We are having another virtual Campus Town Hall meeting held via Zoom today at 3:30 p.m. Some of the topics that will be covered are: 
  • FY20 and FY21 budgets
  • Fall return to campus
You can join the meeting using the following link:
--Submitted by Laurel Simpson on 2020-06-30

Instructional Design Nugget #3
This week’s nugget is Text Editor in D2L. Do you know that text editing options are found everywhere you can type text in D2L. The text editor allows to format text – type, size, bullets, color; insert - images, external & internal links; add equations; preview and toggle full screen etc.

Please visit our Faculty Tutorials page to find more Nuggets.  
For other resources, visit http://bhsu.edu/id

--Submitted by Prasanthi Pallapu on 2020-06-29

Food Truck Fridays
Crown Town Cuisine will be parked at the Joy Center (in the parking lot by St. Joe) serving lunch on Friday, July 10 from 11:30 AM - 2 PM. Check them out on Facebook.

Stay tuned as we plan to line up food trucks every Friday through the summer!

NOTICE: We encourage you to wear a face mask, please do not congregate by the truck, and please practice social distancing when standing in line. 
--Submitted by Andrea Bakeberg on 2020-06-29

Young Center Extended Weekend Hours
Hello Everyone,

Beginning July 1st, we will be extending the weekend hours of the Young Center to 8am-5pm. This includes the June 1st opening details regarding the fitness center areas only for member, staff, and community use. With the hard work of our university and facility services staff, we will be providing all appropriate supplies and procedures to ensure safety for all. The following information provides Young Center hours of operation, along with further details for what to expect.

• Young Center Hours of Operation
o Weekdays – 6am-6pm
o Weekends 8am-5pm
• Young Center Operations
o Main entrance access only (by Lyle Hare Stadium)
o Hand sanitizer at front desk and fitness center entrances
o Restrooms open only – Locker rooms will remain closed
o Staffing – Main front desk and upstairs fitness center desk
 One spray bottle and towel provided for each fitness center guest
o All areas will be properly cleaned and sanitized by custodial staff throughout the day
o It is strongly recommended to follow safe social-distancing practices during your time in and around the Young Center (Thank you!)
• Fitness Center Capacity
o 10 person maximum allowed in fitness center upstairs
o 16 person maximum allowed in varsity weight room
o Please, feel free to call ahead to check on capacity – 605-642-6096
o These numbers will be possibly be adjusted per recommendations through June
• Field House
o Indoor Track and Court Use Only
o Limited volume allowed
o Please, feel free to call ahead to check on capacity/availability – 605-642-6096
• Gyms
o Must be scheduled use (BHSU Activities Only)
o Limited volume allowed
• Memberships
o If you do not wish to restart your membership, please let me know ASAP so I can ensure your membership dues/dates are not restarted
o All memberships will be prorated based on your previous expiration date and the Young Center closure duration. We will honor all punch passes, week passes, and certificates. Please, ensure you have your parking passes visible inside your vehicles.
o Prorate example #1: If member had an annual membership
 Add 77 days to their membership end date (March 15 – June 1)
o Prorate example #2: If member had a random end-date
 Add prorated amount of days to their membership end date
 For example: If end-date was April 10th, take 16 days from March and 10 days from April for a total of 26 days, and add it to June, so the new end-date would be June 26th.

Thank you again for your patience during this time; we appreciate your attention to these details and are excited to see all of you again. And as always, please practice safe social-distancing to ensure safety for all.

--Submitted by Brock Anundson on 2020-06-26

Zoom Recordings

Just a reminder to periodically review your Zoom Cloud Recordings and delete out any recordings that are no longer needed.  Follow these steps to access your cloud recordings:


1.            Sign in to the Zoom web portal: https://bhsu.zoom.us/

2.            In the navigation menu on the left, click Recordings.  You will see a list of cloud recordings that you have saved.

3.            You will have the ability to download the recording file locally to your computer and delete out any unneeded recordings.  This is found under the “More” drop down button.

4.           If you delete a recording, it will first move the files to the trash.  To permanently delete the files, you will also need to delete them from the trash. This is done by clicking the Trash link above the search results and then selecting and deleting the recording from the list.


If you have any questions, please contact Anne at Anne.Stevens@BHSU.edu.

--Submitted by Anne Stevens on 2020-06-24


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