SELC-MADE, new podcast for BHSU students

Have questions about college life? Do you want guidance on the area you now call home? BHSU students Paxton Klug and Dawson Doyen have set out to do just that with their new podcast “SELC-MADE.”  

BHSU student Dawson Doyen said he got the idea for the podcast from conversations with friends in the SELC, “We would have these funny conversations every day and I brought up the idea of a podcast. It slowly began to spread from person to person. We bounced structural ideas off each other until eventually we settled on the model we have been maintaining up to this point." 

The podcast is geared towards all students but can be a great resource for new students and according to Co-host Paxton Klug, “The podcast gives new students a resource that they can go to in order to get more information about campus and the aspects of college that may not always be acknowledged.”  

The podcast has already had multiple releases covering a wide range of topics such as Homecoming, dealing with midterms, and things to do around Spearfish, Rapid City, and the Black Hills area. The idea of a podcast from the Student Engagement and Leadership Center (SELC) has been in the works for a while, but Klug never saw this as something he would be a part of. It was his long-time childhood friend that approached him with the opportunity.  

“This is not something I always wanted to do, but I’m very glad I’m doing it. I think that this is great for students to have; a fun and engaging resource can be very helpful, Klug said. “I was surprised last summer when Dawson asked me to join him on this new adventure, but I was happy to join him.”  

Doyen added, "It's amazing, so far, to see the effect that the Podcast has had. We try to cater to the entire student body, and one way I really wanted to approach the Podcast was to have plenty of humor and inject moments of relatability. That way, I think, you can reach a lot more people." 

Students that are interested in being a guest or having a specific topic covered on the podcast can contact Jessie Gramm at or the SELC. 

Follow the SELC on Instagram at The “SELC-MADE” podcast is available to stream on Spotify and Apple Podcasts