Visitor Pass Registration Form

Visitor Pass Information

Please fill out the Visitor Pass Registration Form below. Requests will be e-mailed to Johanna Best in the Office of Registration and Records. Questions regarding the program can be directed to her at (605) 642-6044 or Upon receipt of your request, you will be contacted to determine how payment of the fees will be collected. You will not be signed up for the pass until payment is processed.

Guidelines for the Class Visitor Program

Participants in the Class Visitor Program will not be admitted to the institution and will not be included on the class roster of any course a participant visits. No record will be maintained in the system's student information system and no transcript will be available. Participants will not be included in any institutional or system enrollment count. Participants do not earn college credit for being a visitor.

To participate, an individual must be a high school graduate. No individual currently enrolled in any course offered by any of the Regental institutions may participate. No individual currently under suspension or expulsion from any of the Regental institutions may participate. No individual who has had a Pass issued under this program revoked for disruptive behavior may participate.

The fee for a Pass for a single course will be $100.00. A participant may not visit more than 2 classes in any semester.

The participant will solely be a visitor in the classroom. The participant will not be permitted to complete or submit any assignments, tests, or class projects for grading. Participation in classroom discussion is at the discretion of the faculty member. Failure to follow these guidelines will be considered disruptive behavior and the pass will be revoked. If the visitor engages in other behaviors which disrupt the class, the instructor may revoke the Pass.

The participant may request a refund within ten calendar days of the start of the semester by surrendering the pass to the Registrar's Office, Woodburn 104.

The participant will be responsible for books and other materials used in the class.

The participant may not have credit transcripted for a visited course through any validation means. To earn credit, a participant must subsequently register for the course, pay the required tuition and fees and meet all established requirements.

Participants, who will park a vehicle on campus, will be required to purchase a parking permit at Facilities Services.

Visitor registrations are accepted for a period of approximately two weeks each semester. They begin one week prior to a semester's start and continue through census day for the term.