BHSU professor to explore Sherlock Holmes in next Geek Speak #BelieveinSherlock

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Dr. Nikki Dragone

Internet has the power to connect people around the world. The same way kids love pop music and fashion trends and movie stars, they love characters from TV series and comic books - one of them being Sherlock Holmes.

Dr. Nikki Dragone, assistant professor of English at Black Hills State University, will explore in the next Geek Speak lecture why Sherlock Holmes -- a fictional anti-hero of Victorian England -- continues to command attention 128 years since Sir Arthur Conan Doyle introduced him to the world.

Dragone's presentation, "I Was Real Once," sighed Mr. Holmes: #BelieveinSherlock #FightJohnWatsonsWar" is Thursday, Feb. 4 at 4 p.m. in Jonas Hall, room 110. The event is free and open to the public.

How far are fans willing to go for their favorite characters? To what extent can fans influence writers and authors? Why is Sherlock Holmes still such a popular icon in the 21st century, and why is the culture so attached to a character invented in 1886? This next Geek Speak is expected to sparkle many questions which will lead to an interesting discussion, where everyone is welcome to bring their own perspectives to the table.

During the Geek Speak lecture, Dragone will use description from the article by Emily Asher-Perrin to explain her presentation. She will show attendees what it would be like if everyone lived during the Sherlock era, followed Watson's blog, and believed in Sherlock to an extent where no tabloid could change their opinion about their favorite characters.

The new generation of Sherlock fans thinks the same, to an extent when within hours of the Jan. 15, 2012 airing of Sherlock's "The Reichenbach Fall," where the hero appeared to have committed suicide in disgrace, the "Believe in Sherlock" movement started among a new generation of Sherlock Holmes's fans.

Within two weeks, this movement, which began on the internet, went viral and spread worldwide. "Believe in Sherlock, " "'Fight John Watson's War," "Moriarty was Real" and other memes were sported on T-Shirts, bracelets and buttons and posted on subway platforms, university bulletin boards and coffee shops. This was not the first time that Sherlock Holmes fans initiated a movement in protest of his supposed death, explained Dragone.

Future Geek Speak topics include:
  • Feb. 11, "The Narcissistic Doctor? Leadership, Ethics, and Dr. Who," Dr. Jeffrey Wehrung
  • Feb. 18, " 'Preaching to the Nerves Instead of the Judgment': The Victorian Sensation Novel,'" Dr. Martin Fashbaugh
  • Feb. 25, "Biblically Speaking: Sin and the Role of Women in the Christian New Testament," Dr. Amy Fuqua
  • March 3, "Draw Something!" Desy Shoenewies
  • March 17, "Not Just a Cheesy Monster Movie: the Multiple Meanings of Godzilla," Dr. Tom  Arnold
  • March 31, "On Hip Hop and Religion," Dr. Dan May
  • April 7, "Can Religion and Science Get Along? Sure, but should they?" Dr. Nate Deichert
  • April 14, "A Tour of Voting Systems: How Do We Choose a Winner?" Dr. Dan Swenson
  • April 21, "The Social Life of Meat," Dr. Trenton Ellis
  • April 28, The University Honors Program Capstone Defense
For more information, contact Dr. Courtney Huse-Wika, director of the University Honors Program and assistant professor of English at 605-642-6918 or email

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