Share your thoughts on courage and holding your ground.

Author: BHSU Communications/Tuesday, June 23, 2015/Categories: 2015

As stated in Taking the Stage, "...courage is an Achilles&rsquo heel for many women. There are so many situations that require bravery &ndash from speaking up at a meeting, to taking on a new role, to dealing with an environment where they may feel isolated, to being comfortable with who they are".

Please read Chapters 7: Be Courageous and Chapter 8: Hold Your Ground and share your thoughts, comments and, if comfortable, a situation  you would like assistance with.

Remember: SD CEO expects everyone to be respectful of other commenters. It's fine to have differences of opinion, but maintain civility and avoid releasing private facts.  Use your own words, and give credit when using others&rsquo words,  be honest, and be professional.  If you use someone else&rsquos words or research, give credit, as in "According to...."

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